Swimming with Whale Sharks & Exploring Coastal Wonders of Australia Tour

Australia is the land of adventure and culture, famous for its stunning beaches and cities brimming with vivacity. The cobalt waters of the Tasman Sea frame the sail-like rooftop of the Sydney Opera House. Continue reading


Costa Rica Vacation Package: A Tropical Getaway to Quepos & Manuel Antonio

Costa Rica surpasses the paradisiacal and borders dreamlike. On this 7-day tour you will experience the true splendor of the country, finding both luxury and adventure in the rolling hills and glowing beaches. Continue reading

Meghalaya Adventures-Caving, Trekking, Kayaking

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The small state of Meghalaya is bestowed with natural bounties that lure hordes of tourists from all over the country. If it is your dream to come here and explore its treasures, then here is a brilliant chance! This 8-day Meghalaya adventure trip will not only satisfy the daredevil in you, but also the traveller, who likes to go sightseeing. Continue reading

Konkan Tour with Scuba Diving

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The rugged Konkan Coast, which covers the state of Maharashtra and Goa, is a major destination for adventure sports lovers. While a large number of trekkers are drawn to it, hordes of scuba divers also cannot resist it. Continue reading

PADI Open Water Advanced Dive Course, Andaman

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Scuba diving, a thrilling adventure, is gaining immense popularity all over the world. If you keep wondering how it would feel to swim effortlessly among the exotic marine flora and fauna without having to hold your breath, then come to Andaman. Continue reading

Discover Scuba at Netrani Island

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Imagine Scuba Diving among coral reefs in India! Yes, you read it right. Netrani, a coral island off the Karnataka coast, offers one of the most enriching and captivating scuba diving experiences. Also known as the pigeon island, Netrani is approximately 19 KM from the temple town of Murudeshwara. Continue reading

Dhak Bahiri Trek with Kolad River Rafting

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Mumbai is the financial and entertainment capital of the country. Life in this bustling city can get too exhausting at times if you don’t take a break for long. If you are struck in a white-collar job where most of your time is spent inside a cubicle, then plan a trip and bring back the thrill that has been missing. Continue reading