Sheep Breeds

Sheep is a very familiar domestic animal. Dry weather and cold area is very suitable forĀ sheep farming. The main characteristics of sheep is that their body is fully covered with fur. Their skin and fur is very valuable. Continue reading


Diseases Of Sheep

The main prerequisite of getting desired production from any animal is controlling their diseases. Same disease preventive steps should take for diseases of sheep like other animal cow, goat, buffalo etc. Continue reading

Sheep Housing

Sheep housing is not so important for sheep farming. Because they are dependent on grazing in the field. They are reared in yield field full with grass. And they eat grass from one corner to another. Continue reading

Sheep Feed

Almost all types of feed elements can be used as sheep feed. Because among all the domestic animal sheep is the only animal which can survive by eating any types of feed. They can consume low quality leaves while there is scarcity of sheep feed. Continue reading