In the Footsteps of Martin Luther: 500-Year Anniversary of Protestant Reformation Tour

To commemorate the 500-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, this custom tailored tour follows in the footsteps of Martin Luther, the main driving force behind the Reformation. Continue reading


Best of Germany Tour 2017-2018

Beneath Germany’s facade of efficiency is a land of originality and charm. Medieval towns are wrapped around forests with fairytale castles surrounded by villages doused in tradition. Continue reading

UNESCO World Heritage Tour of Germany

Doused with surprise, Germany’s ancient land reveals inspirations that would change the world. Medieval castles, historic churches, artistic movements, steel barons, regal palaces and more, the country’s World Heritage sites Continue reading

Unbeaten Path of Italy Tour: Discovering Cinque Terre, Lake Garda & Venice

Escape from the crowd and see a different side of Italy during your custom tailored tour of Cinque Terre, Lake Garda, and Venice. The trails of the Italian Riviera hide beneath lush oak and fern forest as medieval castles rise out of rocky promontories that overlook the cobalt water of the lake. Continue reading

Classic Italy Tours 2017-2018

From intriguing history to incredible food and wine, this classic amongst our Italy tours has it all, and has been updated for 2017-2018! Become captivated by the eternal beauty of Rome, the Renaissance splendor of Florence and the mystical ambience of Venice. Continue reading

Highlights and Hidden Treasures of Italy Tour

In Italy you find that one person’s daily landscape is another person’s cherished experience. Cathedral cupolas create the Roman skyline, and opulent marble statues decorate a public square in Florence, available for everyone’s viewing. Continue reading

Italian Vacation of a Lifetime 2017

Italy is for lovers and historians, foodies and hikers, art enthusiasts and fashionistas. In other words, Italy is for everyone. Expertly crafted for 2017, this Italian vacation of a lifetime will take you on 12-day journey through the most famous Italian cities as you will be wined and dined, Continue reading