Stunning Modern Chapel in South Africa Has Roof that Appears to Take Flight

Set within a serenely expansive vineyard in South Africa, a new modern chapel by Steyn Studio, in collaboration with TV3 Architects, is an impressive piece of religious architecture. Continue reading


The Modern Art Connoisseur

Like many of the famed illustrator’s magazine covers, Norman Rockwell’s The Connoisseurhas become a beloved work of art in its own right. Now, thanks to Tumblr, the iconic piece been given the 21st Century treatment; it has been magically transformed into a quirky collection of animated GIFS. Continue reading

‘Garden of Light’ Installation Honors Nurses with 2,100 Illuminated Daffodils

Each March, London is flooded with bright, blooming daffodils. What makes this year’s crop particularly special, however, is that thousands of them have actually been handcrafted for a good cause. Continue reading

20 Classic Works of Art Modernized by Clever Contemporary Artists

The tell-tale sign of a great work of art is timelessness. That’s why it’s no surprise that many artists today often look to art history’s many masterworks for inspiration. While some contemporary creatives’ nods to the past are understated—perhaps an appropriated color palette or the adoption of a subtly similar style—others pay particularly Continue reading

Kenyan Artist Hand-Carves and Paints Wooden Sculptures of Local Nature

Born in beautiful Kenya and now based in picturesque New Zealand, artist Gordon Pembridge has been lucky enough to have a lifelong relationship with nature. As a painter and woodworker, Pembridge often looks to his surroundings for inspiration, which has culminated in an oeuvre that incorporates elements of natural history and portrayals of local wildlife. Continue reading

Artist Creates Giant Murals and Destroys Them Himself Before Anyone Else Does

Continuing down the path he started with Empty, Australian street artist Rone is back with a new series of impressive murals in an abandoned factory just outside of Melbourne. The Alpha Project, in which Rone painted large-scale female portraits in an old paper mill set for demolition, pushes him deeper into researching the ephemeral roots of street art. Continue reading