About Us

Great Aventuras is an open, free platform to enable free sharing of agricultural, horticulture, livestock, gardening, nurseries, travel & Holidays, renewable energy, art, design, photography and so on information among everyone.

At Great Aventuras, we excel at helping you get your vacation planned. Not just any vacation, but exceptional vacations filled with inspiring and life-enriching experiences.

Luxury African Safaris

 Our approach is different. We don’t plan any trips ourselves. Instead, we match you with 2 or 3 leading travel specialists who are the most qualified to make your dream trip happen. They then compete to design your ideal itinerary.

We’re experts at finding and matching you with the world’s finest travel agents and boutique tour companies. Each travel specialist partner on Great Aventuras is personally and meticulously screened by us. You’ll only be matched with specialists who are true experts at customizing your particular trip.

Our travel partners excel at handcrafting and coordinating complex international luxury itineraries. Their expertise and connections cover all logistics, transportation, accommodation, guides, and insider access to unique experiences – as well as 24X7 support throughout your trip.

How it works

  • Get matched to top travel specialists

    Tell us about your ideal trip and the kind of experiences you’d like to include. We’ll match you with 2-3 reputable, pre-qualified travel specialists who are the best fit for your trip.

  • Get your trip planned

    Our travel specialist partners will arrange an initial phone consultation or exchange emails with you to better understand your specific interests and vacation preferences. They will compete for your business using their expertise and insights to craft unique itinerary and activity proposals.

  • Book your custom trip, with a guarantee

    You select the travel specialist who impresses you the most. After your itinerary is refined to perfection, book it with the travel specialist, who will then confirm all services and coordinate all logistics – including 24X7 support throughout your trip.

    Book with confidence. Great Aventuras provides a guarantee against default and fraud.

  • Share feedback with fellow traveler’s

    After your trip we’ll invite you to write a review, so you can help other travelers with your candid feedback. Only travelers who have purchased a trip through Great Aventuras are eligible to share their travel reviews.

Florence Luxury Travel


We continue to work to build farmer friendly information around agriculture, horticulture, poultry, dairy, gardening, nurseries etc. The Great Aventuras forum aims to support free discussions on agriculture and Great Aventuras Ads allow free placement and review of farm related advertisements. With the rapidly growing penetration of internet into all parts of the country, we believe the web becomes a major source of information and collaboration for farmers and this is our own small way to support the cause. However, we expect members will exercise due caution in sharing personal information.


Great Aventuras is all about using modern method in farming worldwide. We started this website with numerous experienced volunteers. We accept volunteers throughout the world who want to contribute and share their farming experience. We started this website by keeping in mind one thing. And that is “Modern Farming Methods”. Because, modern farming practices increases the overall production and enhances the product or food value.

Modern farming methods also help to grow the farming business profit than traditional farming methods. We believe that, sufficient information is a must for agricultural or farming revolution. Only correct and experimental information can increase the production. Most of the farmers around the world are using traditional farming methods which they have gained from their family. And those farmers are not gaining desired production and output of their labor.

But by using modern farming methods and latest technology in farming sector they can increase their production and profits many times more than ever. In past, people used to keep some animals to fulfill their family food and nutrition demands. But now, the condition has changed tremendously. The global population is increasing rapidly. And we need more food and other products to meet up this huge demand. Traditional farming can’t meed up this demands and we must have to use modern farming methods. Modern farming can also be a great source of employment and income. The unemployed people can start agribusiness. Thus we can make a strong economy and hunger free world.

If you have any question, suggestion or want to share your farming experiences then feel free to contact with us.


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