Highlights of New Zealand

New Zealand has the kind of scenery that demands a standing ovation — and it’s all in such close proximity. Our specialists are passionate about helping you get out to explore it all. There are Milford Sound’s arrow-headed peaks, and stretches of sand so vast they earn outlandish names (‘Ninety Mile Beach’). Caves spangle with glow-worms like a million fairy lights. Stratovolcanoes rise above grassy plains. Ice fields career down almost to the edge of the Tasman Sea. And that’s just for starters.

Whether you’re keen to explore on foot or by car, bicycle or even helicopter (or a combination of them all), our specialists can help. They’ll devise a New Zealand holiday that allows you to take in the major destinations, as well as more out-of-the-way spots or lesser-known activities. They can recommend everything from the best Maori guides to the best places for viewing New Zealand’s unique panoply of birdlife.

New Zealand offers a world of compelling contradictions. It brims with adventure yet the experience is often defined by serenity. Endlessly incomprehensible landscapes are matched by a friendly familiarity at every destination. Unique geological features test definitions of natural beauty, yet the journey through Middle Earth is a smooth one. It’s no wonder that the country is a favorite of Hollywood movie directors; there’s no need for enhanced graphics when every backdrop bursts with drama and vibrancy. Fjords slice through the South, jagged snowy peaks gaze upon calm alpine lakes, geothermal jets burst through Jurassic rock, while forest and beach merge before your eyes. And these aren’t grasped glimpses. Ethereal landscapes greet you from the plane window, tower over your boutique hotel, and accompany every intrepid turn.

Yet for all New Zealand’s surreal splendor, it’s the accessibility and ease of travel that impresses most. The country’s compact size is combined with an exemplary transport infrastructure, allowing those with limited time to jump deep into the experience. There’s an inherent capacity to excel and impress, reflected in the sublime array of accommodation, food, and tours. Visitors with more time can veer and venture, sweeping across the country to remote destinations that scream of a lost world. No day is ever lost here. Each journey is an integral part of the experience, whether it’s meandering through volcanic leftovers, zigzagging into jaw-dropping mountains, or rolling past fairytale farmland. Look left, look right, turn around, and the country continues to evoke superlatives. You may have seen Lord of the Rings on the big screen, but that doesn’t come close to what New Zealand really looks like.

The country predominantly consists of two geologically distinct islands. The North is embodied by enchantment and tranquility, every vista dreamy on the eye as it effortlessly rolls and curves. The South Island comes from a different surrealist collection, jagged lines and dramatic mountains providing a theatrical stage for your adventure. Central to both are soothing picturesque lakes, calming expanses of water from which your photos are framed. And don’t forget the New Zealanders themselves; indigenous Maoris offer traditional tribal welcomes, outdoor enthusiasts guide you through forests, and in a land of such allure you can expect everyone to have a smile on their face. In this land of contradictions there’s no need to follow a single paradigm. Adrenalin, wanderlust, nature mixed with culture, movie indulgence meets fresh perspectives, settling into a tranquil rhythm; come to New Zealand and simultaneously have all kinds of different vacations.  Her are just a few of the highlights from the unforgettable New Zealand get-away that awaits you:

  • Adventure in the Wilderness: New Zealand’s unforgettable landscapes are not just pleasing on the eye, they’re epic wildernesses that demand exploration. This is a land of outdoor adventure and it rewards beginners and professionals alike; kayak across lakes to uninhabited hot springs, mountain bike along breathtaking forest trails, and enjoy a dazzling choice of hiking routes. In many places you’ll be doing it all in one day.
  • Journeying from Sound to Sea: Most journeys have you glued to the window, eyes lost in a haze as the terrain twists beyond the imagination. The feeling of incredulity is symbolized by Milford Sound, a narrow fjord surrounded by mountainous walls and thunderous waterfalls. Take a boat cruise across the dolphin inhabited water, winding through astonishing panoramas to reach the Tasman Sea.
  • Fantasy and Fiction Come to Life: It only takes one glance at New Zealand to confirm that the country really does resemble Middle Earth. Peter Jackson used hundreds of locations in both the South and North Islands, and he’s just one of many movie directors who keep returning to this visually fictional world. Tailored tours take you closer, revealing countless spots from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, plus a dazzling array of locations that have graced many Hollywood epics.
  • Nature and Relaxation: There’s something indelibly serene about New Zealand. Nothing is rushed, nowhere is chaotic, and there’s a wonderful ease to traveling through the country. Epitomizing the tranquility are its many lakes, stunning bodies of water ringed by rich forest, snowy peaks, and volcanic remnants. Most popular destinations stand along the lakeshore, ensuring there’s a soothing accompaniment to every day of exploration. Furthermore, spending a day in a deserted lakeside spot and admiring the view provides the ultimate recuperation.
  • Raising the Pulse and a Rush of Adrenaline: Queenstown revels in its fame for adrenalin, offering an unimaginable collection of activities to set the heart racing. The world’s first bungee jump was concocted here, so it’s no surprise to find a choice of jumps, swings, jet boat rides, luge trips, parasailing flights, zip lining, sky diving, and more. The mood in town is infectious, normally grabbing the most timid of visitors; however, like all of New Zealand, it’s also fun to just watch.
  • Aerial Views of it All: Engulf yourself in visual euphoria with a helicopter ride into the aesthetic brilliance. Fly above the dramatic scenes, cut between stark mountain walls, and then land in the middle of it all, the helicopter touching down on an immense glacier. A helicopter helps you appreciate the country’s endless scale, yet it also offers unforgettable close-ups of uninhabited worlds. These rides are on offer throughout the country, the most famous being a trip across Fjordlands National Park on the South Island.
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