Antarctica Tour: Soar Above the Drake Passage

Your express tour of Antarctica will make the remote continent more accessible than ever as you circumvent the Drake Passage and fly directly from Chile to the South Shetland Islands. Use a zodiac boat to explore idyllic bays that teem with seals and whales, and then scour the beaches that are dotted with different species of penguins and take in the icy plateaus. A near-constant sunlight washes over the landscape which then offers spectacular panoramas from the ship to shore at all hours of the day and night. Indulge with an immersive Antarctica tour tailored for you to experience luxury, wildlife, and the untamed scenery of a continent no longer lost to seclusion. 


  • Travel along the Antarctic Peninsula to reach the southern islands of Pleneau and Petermann, and then explore the shores on a kayak excursion
  • Discover chinstrap penguins on Half Moon Island, the first of many stops during your Antarctic cruise around the South Shetland archipelago
  • Traverse the Lemaire Channel, a thin waterway populated with massive tabular icebergs and view the hour-long sunset in the height of summer
  • Experience the grandeur of Paradise Harbor, known for its idyllic waters reflecting the coastal glaciers and snowcapped mountain peaks
  • Learn the difference between Gentoo penguins and their cousins first-hand as you come upon the various colonies found around Neko Harbor
  • Search for the distinctive types of seals that lounge on the landscape, including the elusive crabeater seal can be found as far as 60 miles away from the shore 


The unfettered beauty of Seventh Continent is within your reach with an 8-day express tour of Antarctica that combines scenic flights with a lavish cruise around the South Shetland Islands that lead to the Antarctic Peninsula. Whether interested in the untamed wildlife that populates the fascinating pebbled shores or swimming beneath the glacial walls as they plunge into the sea, your time in Antarctica will highlight the contrasts between your mode of luxury travel and the ruggedness nature’s drama that will surround. Explore, adventure, and discover during each day of your cruise to find new and exciting scenery and wildlife all around the Southern Ocean.

Your thrilling expedition will begin with your arrival in Punta Arenas, Chile. You will have time to explore the sprawling metropolis at the southern tip of Chilean Patagonia at your leisure. As you are ready, you will fly from the airport on a retrofitted plane bound for King George Island of the South Shetland Islands. As you travel, you will explore different research stations related to the nearly 15 countries on the island before boarding your lavish cruise ship.  Carrying a maximum of 108 passengers, the small size of the ship allows for it to navigate through the narrow passages and break through the forming ice shelves closer to the Polar Circle. Exploring the coastlines of the islands and Antarctic peninsula changes daily due to the erratic weather, so the route you sail will likely be unique to your cruise.

The staff on board the ship will guide you along the bays, channels, and island ports with zodiac boats or lead an expedition on kayaks. The quick and quiet methods of travel allow you to reach the shore or pass tabular icebergs without scaring the wildlife, which includes varieties of whales, penguins, seals, terns, and skuas. You will also have the opportunity to find the sparse flora that grows in the region, consisting mostly of mosses and lichens. Your boat will return to King George Island with time for you to board your flight to Punta Arenas, Chile from the research station Eduardo Frei Montalva. 


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