Pokémon​ Inspired Family Tour to Australia & New Zealand

Does someone in your family have Pokémon fever? This Pokémon-inspired Family Tour of Australia and New Zealand is perfect for families who want to see it all and catch em’ all. Embrace the opportunity to turn this family vacation into a breathtaking and educational experience the whole family will never forget. Take the kids’ Pokémon pursuit to the next level and have them experience the exhilarating feeling of exploring new lands and capturing regionally exclusive rare Pokémon such as Kangaskhan, which can only be found in Australia and New Zealand. Spend a day or two having them lead the family through the vibrant Great Barrier Reef and the serene Milford Sound in search of Pokémon in foreign lands; your private tour guide (who is also a Pokémon fan!) is able to expertly educate the family on the historical and cultural significance of the destinations you venture to.

Note: Great Adventuras and “Pokémon Inspired Family Tour to Australia & New Zealand” are not affiliated with, or sponsored or endorsed by, The Pokémon Company International, Pokémon Korea Inc., Niantic Inc., Google Inc., Alphabet Inc., ©Nintendo, ©GAME FREAK Inc. and ©Creatures Inc.

Customize This Trip For Me



  • Empower your young Pokémon trainer to lead the family on a guided tour in search of Pokémon, with narration by your expert local guide, providing a fun and educational experience for the whole family
  • Catch a wild Pikachu and other Pokémon at the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and other world-famous landmarks
  • Cuddle with a koala and feed a kangaroo, the latter of which inspired the creation of the Pokémon Kangaskhan, an Australia/New Zealand region exclusive Pokémon
  • Enjoy a Hangi dinner, a traditional Maori meal reserved for special occasions, which utilizes heated rocks in a pit oven
  • Tour Milford Sound, described as the eighth Wonder of the World by Rudyard Kipling
  • Swim in the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the world’s single biggest living structure, which spans over 1,400 miles
  • Witness the majestic illumination of New Zealand’s native glowworms, with a boat ride through the starry wonderland of the Waitomo Glowworm Caves
  • Discover both Pokémon and hobbits in the hobbit holes of the Hobbiton Movie Set, the verdant setting for the Shire in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film series



(Day 1): Auckland – Arrive in Auckland, New Zealand, and Begin the Pokémon Adventure

(Day 2): Auckland to Rotorua – Explore the Glowing Waitomo Caves and Enjoy a Traditional Hangi Dinner

(Day 3): Rotorua – Discover the Depths of Middle Earth at Hobbiton

(Day 4): Rotorua to Queenstown – Transfer to Queenstown, a Lakeside Town of Pristine Natural Beauty

(Day 5): Milford Sound – Serene Tour of Milford Sound

(Day 6): Queenstown to Melbourne – Depart for the Cultural Center of Australia, Melbourne

(Day 7): Melbourne – Experience the Nature Surrounding Melbourne’s Wildlife

(Day 8): Melbourne to Port Douglas – Enter the Tropical Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

(Day 9): Great Barrier Reef – A Day of Cruising, Snorkeling, and Diving at the Great Barrier Reef

(Day 10): Kuranda – Journey through the Rainforests of Kuranda

(Day 11): Cairns / Port Douglas to Sydney – From the Northern Trees of Cairns to the Southern Sails of Sydney

(Day 12): Sydney – Explore the Sydney Opera House and Cruise the Harbour

(Day 13): Sydney – Traverse the Blue Mountains and Get Close with the Wildlife

(Day 14): Sydney – Return Home



Personalized for families with an aspiring Pokémon trainer, this handcrafted 14-day family tour through New Zealand and Australia is customized to see it all and catch em’ all with an expert tour guide who provides an educational context to the famous landmarks and destinations. Experience firsthand the unparalleled beauty that each country down under has to offer, as the family ventures to discover breathtaking landscapes, curious wildlife, and unforgettable experiences. From the resplendent hills and scenic oceanside views of New Zealand to the artistic collectives of Melbourne, this custom-tailored trip offers the best of both nature and history. Listen to the pulsing sounds of the Haka (traditional dance) rise into the air, then enjoy the peaceful quiet of the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef. Contemplate the shimmering skyline of Auckland and enchanting art of Melbourne. From the majesty of nature to the magic of civilization, this trip will surely show you the best of both that New Zealand and Australia have to offer.


Touring New Zealand takes you through Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, where beautiful contemporary architecture decorates the cityscape. Beneath the earth in the Waitomo Caves, observe the sweeping darkness that is only illuminated by luminous glowworms. Experience the Maori culture of Rotorua while personally experiencing tribal customs and food. Explore the Hobbit holes of Hobbiton, as you pursue Pokémon and hobbits alike. In Queenstown, explore the wonder of nature in Milford Sound and the surrounding Remarkables Mountain Range that surrounds the city.

Australia also boasts both the accomplishment of humanity and unique treasures of nature. The artistic culture of Melbourne and the bountiful endeavors of local Australian farms are sure to inspire. A visit to Queensland would never be complete without the exploration of both the Great Barrier Reef and the adjacent rainforest. See the architectural grandeur of downtown and the natural decadence of the surrounding wild as you stroll through Sydney.


Whether you crave the countries’ wildlife, wild-side, or history, this tour will show you the joys of the tamed and untamed. The wonders of New Zealand and Australia are at your fingertips; don’t let them slip by!


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