Kenya Elephant Exploration Tour in the Untouched Beauty of Tsavo East & West

The beauty of a herd of elephants parades beneath the foothills of Kilimanjaro. The magnificent plains of Kenya are showered with sun on this unique tour tailored to give you the majesty of the Tsavo Trails and beyond. Leopards hide in the canopy of Tsavo West. Rhino graze along the savannah of Tsavo East. Elephants traipse through the diverse landscape of Kenya while calm waters lap at the shores of Mombasa. Kenya safari tours are unforgettable experiences that, like an elephant, you will never forget.

Customize This Trip For Me



  • Scour the wild in search of the Big Five
  • Enjoy the warm sandy beaches of Mombasa
  • View the sensational peak of Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Game drive through the untouched beauty of Tsavo East and West, and Amboseli National Park
  • Experience dining with a giraffe
  • Venture through Mombasa’s colonial remains in Old Town and Fort Jesus



(Day 1): Arrive in Mombasa

(Day 2): Transfer to Tsavo East National Park and Experience the Sensational  Wildlife

(Day 3): Explore Tsavo West

(Day 4): Depart for Amboseli National Park

(Day 5): Enjoy a Full Day Game Drive with a View of Mount Kilimanjaro

(Day 6): Transfer to Nairobi and Venture through Kenya’s Capital City

(Day 7): Depart for Home


This incredible 7-day customized tour through Kenya brings you within the heartbeat of golden plains to the foothills of Kilimanjaro. From the gentle shores of the Kenyan coast to the varied cultures of the country’s capital, your journey through the diverse landscapes and exciting wild is electrifying for anyone and everyone. The warm sun over the Mombasa coastline is shaded by the meandering streets of Old Town; the sweeping plains of Tsavo East give way to the lush forests of Tsavo West. The wondrous foothills of Kilimanjaro linger over the savannah of Amboseli National Park.  The wild bubbles with the life of lions and elephants while the cities bustle with vivacity. From valleys to mountaintops, beaches to giraffes, your journey from the coastline to the skyline will bring you face to face with the Kenya you always wanted.


Begin your journey through Kenya with your arrival in Mombasa. The new world meets the old world with your visit to Old Town. The remnants of the Portuguese colonial world stand tall in the doors and buildings, lingering even in the market place. Fort Jesus watches over the crystal waters of the ocean giving you a sense of strength and power of the coastline held within the country’s history. Early the next day you will venture into the vast plains of Tsavo East where the vast expanse of the national park is filled with wildlife. Elephants parade across the savannah as lions lounge in the sweeping grass. Scour the horizon for the ample life that roams free in the fields. The extensive grasslands of East Tsavo give way to the towering trees and volcanic rocks of Tsavo West. The hills roll through the horizon and giraffes stand among the tree line blending in and foraging.


Arrive in Amboseli National Park where the stunning lush plains sweep into the foothills of Kilimanjaro. The park is known for its elephants marching along the savannah with the peak of Kilimanjaro piercing the sky in the background. With an entire day of game driving there is much to see and ample time to see it. Continue on to the capital of Kenya, Nairobi where the mixture of wildlife, culture, and everyday life blend seamlessly. The city is always bustling with life and excitement, from the Nairobi National Museum to the delicious flavors of the warrior themed restaurant, Carnivore. For an extra sample of wildlife you could visit the Giraffe Center where the rare Rothschild giraffes are raised, coupled, and placed in the wild.


The golden plains of the savannah glow in the stunning sunlight. The cobalt ocean glistens against a gilded fortress. The sensations of the African wilderness, from lions to elephants, keep you searching for more. Your adventure through Kenya will be unforgettable and therefore, like an elephant, you will never forget.


  • World Heritage Sites / National Park / Reserve / Nature / Outdoor Adventures / Safari / Wildlife


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