Chilean Christmas on Easter Island Tour

Dream a little dream of secluded December barbecues over an open fire and horses dashing across a riverbank to the tune of bells jingling. Discover summertime Christmas on Easter (Island), where holiday spirit lives in the vineyards of Colchagua Valley and magic in the season is spread across blossoming trails in northern Patagonia. Majestic moai statues look out to the Pacific Ocean. Cheer and leisure emanate from luxurious hotels encompassed by dramatic volcanoes and snowcapped mountains. From expansive plains to thundering waterfalls, unwrap the pleasures of the secluded landscape and enchanting adventures during your unforgettable gift of a Christmas in Chile.

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  • Celebrate an unforgettable Christmas on Easter Island, and venture to Ana Kakenga, an ancient cave that once served as a kionga, a place of refuge
  • Visit the legendary moai, traditional statues for which Easter Island is known
  • Spend Christmas Eve under the sea during an intimate snorkeling excursion off the shores of remote Easter Island
  • Relish the captivating flavors of Chile’s wine varietals during a private tour of the Colchagua Valley wineries
  • Experience a private helicopter tour of the exhilarating scenery of North Patagonia, flying over Alerce Andino National Park, along with Calbuco and Yates Volcanoes (Premium Option)
  • Discover the pristine landscape of northern Patagonia on a guided trek through Tagua Tagua Park, in search of waterfalls, wildlife, and endless natural grandeur
  • Explore the majesty of the Patagonian forest and riverbanks on a horseback riding excursion paired with a jet boat across Puelo River
  • Delight in an adventurous rafting tour on the rapids of the Petrohue River
  • Bask in the pleasures of a summertime in December with barbecues set in the majesty of the surrounding Patagonian wilderness
  • Indulge in Chile’s historic and eco-friendly luxurious accommodations near secluded wineries, beside hidden lakeshores, and on a remote island



(Day 1): Colchagua Valley – Arrive in Santiago and Travel to Majestic Hotel Casa Real

(Day 2): Colchagua Valley – Relish Luxury on a Private Colchagua Valley Wine Tour

(Day 3): North Patagonia – Transfer to Patagonia and Relax at Barraco Lodge

(Day 4): North Patagonia – Boat Tagua Tagua Lake and Trek Patagonian Landscape

(Day 5): North Patagonia – Enjoy a Day of Horseback Riding with Traditional Lunch

(Day 6): Santiago – Adventure with a Rafting Excursion before Returning to Santiago

(Day 7): Easter Island – Fly to Easter Island and Relax in Remarkable Explora Rapa Nui

(Day 8): Easter Island – Delight in a Christmas Eve Snorkeling Tour

(Day 9): Easter Island – Christmas on Easter Island at Ahu Te Peu and Hanga Roa

(Day 10): Easter Island – Depart for Home


December is the season of holiday spirit, accentuated by the exploratory nature of Santa traveling the world in a single night. Your 10-day tour follows in the tradition of Santa’s discoveries by celebrating Christmas during South America’s summer on an island known as Easter. Relish the beauty of the world’s most secluded island and witness the grandeur of Chile’s unadulterated national parks. Sip wine overlooking a sea of vineyards and enjoy the embracing warmth set against the backdrop of Patagonian mountains topped with snow.


The excitement begins with your arrival in Santiago, Chile at Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport. Your private transfer greets you at baggage claim and escorts you to the stunning grounds of Santa Rita vineyards at the Hotel Casa Real. The colonial estate offers the magnificent blend of aristocratic comfort with contemporary luxury. The following day, you travel south on a private tour of the wineries and vineyards of Colchagua Valley, Chile’s premier wine region. Visit a variety of producers for an extensive sample of the wine growing and tasting experience.

Next, you fly to Puerto Montt, the capital of Chile’s Lake’s District. If interested in the premium option, you meet your private pilot at the airport for a scenic helicopter ride over Alerce Andino National Park, in view of Calbuco and Yates Volcanoes. Return to Puerto Matt airport for your private transfer to the Barraco Lodge, a gorgeous property at the mouth of Tagua Tagua Lake and Puelo River. Discover the splendor of northern Patagonia on a boat ride on Tagua Tagua Lake leading to the trailheads of Tagua Tagua Park. Witness staggering waterfalls and search the brush for charming wildlife en route to Quetros Refuge. Enjoy a brief, relaxing helicopter ride back to Barraco Lodge (premium option) before indulging in a traditional Chilean barbecue.


Mount a horse and set out alongside the untamed forest for a different perspective of the trees and riverbank. Enjoy a barbecue lunch beside the river and set out on an exciting Jet boat ride over the Puelo River rapids. Relish an early morning excursion to conquer the whitewater on Petrohue River before catching your flight north to Santiago. The remainder of the day is at your leisure to enjoy the cosmopolitan culture of Chile’s capital. The next morning, you board your flight at Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport bound for Easter Island. Your guide meets you at Mataveri International Airport and if interested in the premium option, escorts you to Explora Rapa Nui, a luxurious lodge-style hotel set atop a hill with views of the Pacific Ocean.

Take in the legend and mystique of Easter Island, which coincides with the spirited atmosphere of Christmas Eve. Spend the day in the comforts of the warm Pacific Ocean during a snorkeling tour. Search for trumpet fish and sea turtles off the sun-soaked shoreline. Celebrate Christmas Day exploring Easter Island’s “Cave of Two Windows,” Ana Kakenga, and witness the unique painted coral eyes of the statues at Hanga Roa before returning to your lodge for a Christmas feast. Travel the trails leading over the hills to the religious site of Ahu Akivi to visit the moai statues in view of the sea. On the final day, you have a private transfer to Mataveri International Airport for your flight to Santiago, where you will continue home, taking the magnificent memories of a Chilean Christmas with you.


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