Costa Rica Custom Vacation Tour 2017-2018

Step into the luxurious world of Costa Rica on this custom tailored tour meant to show you lavish wildlife and comfortable rainforest lodges. Experience the iridescent plumage of the elusive quetzal and listen to the exuberant calls of howler monkeys. Journey along secluded freshwater canals at Tortuguero National Park and traverse the canopy that sits amongst the sky at the Cloud Forest Reserve. Venture through the foothills of an active volcano and indulge in the natural hot springs it provides. The richness of the Costa Rican countryside will make every moment blissful.



  • Discover the exceptional flora and fauna around Tortuguero National Park
  • Venture through the lava fields at the foothills of the active Arenal Volcano
  • Traverse the canals of the secluded Tortuguero Region
  • Indulge in the sweet and savory tropical flavors of Costa Rican cuisine
  • Enjoy the comforts of luxurious accommodations surrounded by the sweeping rainforest canopy
  • Journey through the treetops on an aerial tram around the Arenal rainforest
  • Explore the treetops of the private Cloud Forest Reserve in Monteverde
  • Visit an historic dairy farm on the hillside of Monteverde



(Day 1): San Jose – Arrive in the Capital City of Costa Rica

(Day 2): Tortuguero – Travel around Secluded Canals and Natural Coastal Rainforest

(Day 3): Tortuguero – Traverse the Canals and Tortuguero National Park

(Day 4): Arenal – Aerial Tram Ride and Canopy Tour Near Arenal Region

(Day 5): Monteverde – Visit Lake Arenal and a Dairy Farm near Monteverde

(Day 6): Monteverde – Treetop and Trails Tour of Cloud Forest Reserve

(Day 7): San Jose – Return to the Lively Capital City

(Day 8): San Jose – Depart for Home



Designed for 2017, discover the panoramic delights and scenic luxuries of Costa Rica on this 8-day vacation tour beginning in San Jose. The capital city boasts a collection of the country’s cultures from the Caribbean to the Pacific, and all the mountain ranges in between. The Gold Museum and The Jade Museum offer a look into the opulent artistry of historic cultures that have inhabited the countryside. The city sits in the Central Valley and is overlooked by the encircling mountains. Your private transfer takes you through the towering rainforest to the riverside.

The only way to reach Tortuguero is by boat or plane. The wealth of canals meanders along the eastern region, encompassing a variety of ecosystems that range from lagoons to the Caribbean Sea. Your hotel offers you tremendous comfort in the vast, dense rainforest. A private guided tour will take you through Tortuguero National Park, scouring the channels and the rising tree-filled landscape for sloths, spider monkeys, toucans, and endless stunning fauna and flora. A short flight returns you to San Jose where your private transfer takes you deep into the reaches of the rainforest canopy.


Enjoy an aerial tram tour that shows you the grandeur of the treetops and its exceptional ecosystem, from blossoming orchids to rambunctious howler monkeys. Your hotel provides you with stunning views of the Arenal Lake and Arenal Volcano. Spend the morning following your guide on a private walking tour of Arenal Volcano National Park. Wander through the underbrush and discover the tremendous rocky outcrops of the lava fields. Continue to Monteverde where you can visit a quaint dairy farm and cheese factory that has been in use since the 1950s.

Explore the depths of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve to experience the exceptional biodiversity of the region. The forest is awash with unique flora and fauna that nestles into the drifting clouds. Return to San Jose and relax with the remainder of your time at leisure. Your private transfer will accompany you to the airport where you will board your flight home. A luxury Costa Rica vacation provide comfort, wildlife, and unparalleled wonder during your extravagant exploration of this amazing country.


  • History & Archaeology Tours / Local Food / Market / Bazaar / Gourmet Dining / Beaches / Scenic Drive / Small Towns / Villages / Spas / Walking Tours / Boating & Sailing / Ecotourism / Hiking / Hot Springs / National Park / Reserve / Nature / Outdoor Adventures / Safari / Wildlife / Scuba Diving / Snorkeling / Waterfalls

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