Brazil’s nature: one of the most amazing biodiversity in the world. Get to know the Pantanal, the Amazon and the “Marvelous City”.
Highlights: Amazon, Pantanal, Rio de Janeiro, Nature, Spotlighting of animals, Easy hikings, Cruising in the Amazon, Sugar Loaf, Corcovado, Tijuca Forest.



Pantanal: one of the 11 sub-regions of that vast plain sustaining 210 thousand square kilometers, shared by Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. During our time in the Pantanal, we will be staying at the Caiman Lodge and we will have two daily excursions (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). There, the tours offered are hiking, farm tour, horseback riding, photographic safari, canoeing, biking, nocturnal spotlighting.


An original way to get to know the Amazon region and its nature and culture: by boat.
Providing safety, comfort, and reliability, the boat is our hotel during our stay in the Amazon. It provides all the tours as other lodges in the region: we will explore the “igarapes” (river creeks) and “igapos” (flooded forests) by powered canoes, visit the natives and see their way of life, hike in the forest, as well as fishing, bird watching, swimming in the river, canoeing, alligators spotting, among others.

Rio de Janeiro, the former capital, is not only a large city with many beaches. Most often it is associated with being the capital of samba, carnival and sandy beaches. It is also a bustling business city, a multicultural melting pot and a city situated in a beautiful natural environment. That’s why we will spend three days enjoying the main beauties of the city such as: Sugar Loaf, Corcovado, Santa Teresa, Tijuca Forest, downtown etc.



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