Wonders of South America: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil Tour

Urbane sophistication and the grandness of nature, the epicurean pleasures of a fine glass of wine and the cultural delights of a tango show, the Great Outdoors and the Marvels of Civilization; all of this and more can be found in stupendous South America. From the Andres to the Atlantic, from the Plaza de Armas to the Plaza de Mayo, this is a journey that will stir your imagination and leave you begging for more.



  • Explore the best cities and most picturesque countryside of Chile, from spellbinding Santiago to miraculous Valparaiso, to the valleys that produce some of South America’s best wine
  • Journey into Chile’s Lakes Region, soaking in the natural beauty and the charm of its people, before crossing into Argentina in inimitable fashion
  • Spend some time in Bariloche, the center of Argentina’s wine industry and a true paradise for food lovers and outdoor lovers alike
  • Visit brilliant Buenos Aires, one of the most fascinating cities on the planet, where the past comes alive and the present glimmers with the passion of the Paris of Latin America
  • Make a brief stop in underrated and overlooked Uruguay, where you’ll find yourself knee deep in history in Colonia del Sacramento and up to your ears in culture in Montevideo
  • Experience the unsurpassed splendor of Iguazu Falls, as hundreds of cataracts create an atmosphere that puts the falls at Niagara to shame



(Day 1): Santiago – Arrival in South America

(Day 2): Santiago – Exploring Sensational Santiago

(Day 3): Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas – The Wonders of Chile

(Day 4): Puerto Varas to Bariloche – Crossing into Argentina

(Day 5): Bariloche – The Many Charms of Beautiful Bariloche

(Day 6): Buenos Aires – Discovering the Paris of Latin America

(Day 7): Environs of Buenos Aires – The Mystique and Romance of Argentine Cowboys

(Day 8): Colonia del Sacramento – A Luxurious Getaway on the Shores of the Rio de la Plata

(Day 9): Colonia del Sacramento-Montevideo – Encountering Uruguay

(Day 10): Montevideo – An Introduction to Magnificent Montevideo

(Day 11): Iguazu Falls – Turning to a Natural Wonder

(Day 12): Iguazu Falls to Buenos Aires – The Glories of Nature, the Grandeur of Civilization

(Day 13): Buenos Aires – Returning Home



South American lovers, rejoice: this comprehensive tour of one of Earth’s great destinations is sure to leave you pulsing with joy and filled with stories that you’ll be telling for the rest of your life. For nearly two weeks, you’ll be treated to all the highlights of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, from the best hotels to the finest wines, to the natural marvels that will leave you speechless, breathless and yearning for more. And with some of the friendliest and most fascinating locals leading you every step of the way, you’re sure to fall in love with this unmatched region.


See the capitals of three mighty and magnificent nations, from the surf of the Pacific crashing off the shores near Santiago, to the pulsing beat of tango music in the streets of Buenos Aires, to the monuments, and to the glorious past in Montevideo. Enjoy the best that Mother Nature has to offer, from the azure lakes and verdant valleys of Chile, to the graceful power of Iguazu Falls. Enjoy fresh seafood and perfectly prepared grass-fed beef, the sumptuous boldness of a Bariloche Malbec and the piquant bite of a Pisco sour. If you’ve ever dreamed of the splendor of Valparaiso and the luxury of Buenos Aires; if you’ve ever yearned for the power of the Andes and the magic of Colonia; if you’ve ever desired a trip that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, then wait no longer, because South America is waiting for you.



  • Cultural / Architecture / Arts & Crafts Tours / Cultural Activities / Dancing / Historical Sites / History & Archaeology Tours / Landmarks / Local Food / Market / Bazaar / Museums & Galleries / Performances: Concerts – Theaters – Shows – Dances & Musicals / Skiing / Snowboarding / Gourmet Dining / Beaches / Music / Palace / Castle / Mansion / Shopping / Small Towns / Villages / Walking Tours / Wine Tasting / Ecotourism / Fishing / Hiking / Horseback Riding / National Park / Reserve / Nature / Outdoor Adventures / Safari / Wildlife / Waterfalls

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