Southern Patagonia Tour: Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Puerto Almanza, El Calafate & Puerto Bandera

A land of contradictions awaits you on this Southern Patagonia tour. Argentina is a country of ice and fire, bottomless lakes and towering peaks, the end of the earth and the beginning of true life. From the coziness of your cabin-like hosteria (hotel) to the chill of the great outdoors, this Argentina vacation is the best way to experience the unique mix of Patagonia.



  • Start with two days in breathtaking Buenos Aires, where culture can be found on every corner and style on every street, where the smells of perfectly grilled steak fill the air alongside the sounds of an guitarist strumming the rhythm to an Argentine Tango
  • Journey to the far south of the country to the charming city of Ushuaia and the natural grandeur of Tierra del Fuego and the Beagle Channel
  • Spend a day at the famous Estancia Haberton near the Beagle Strait and on to Isla Martillo to encounter the rookeries of charming Magellanic and Gentoo penguins
  • Visit the gorgeous grandeur of Los Glaciares National Park, including the phenomenal Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the most important geological sites in all of Argentina
  • Take a cruise on Lago Argentino before arriving at Estania Cristina, where you can choose between two incredible experiences that will show you what life is like in pristine Patagonia



(Day 1): Buenos Aires – Starting Off in South America

(Day 2): Buenos Aires – Around the Paris of Latin America

(Day 3): Ushuaia – A Trip to the End of the Earth

(Day 4): Tierra del Fuego – Into a Land of Fire

(Day 5): Puerto Almanza – A Day Near the Sea

(Day 6): El Calafate – Cruising the Beagle Channel

(Day 7): El Calafate – Exploring Los Glaciares National Park

(Day 8): Puerto Bandera – Lago Argentino and Estancia Cristina

(Day 9): El Calafate – Returning Home



Southern Patagonia is a place unlike any in the world, a breath away from Antarctica and a world away from civilization. The area is filled with natural wonders and fascinating wildlife that will take your breath away. This 9-day Southern Patagonia tour will take you deep into the heart of this wild and untrammeled country, from the jagged peaks of the Andes to the serene surface of Lago Argentino. From soaring seabirds to waddling penguins, and from the ice walls of a glacier to the Tierra del Fuego, the Land of Fire.


Begin with two days in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s captivating capital and the center of political and social life, where you’ll encounter all of the many highlights that this one-of-a-kind metropolis has to offer. Then enter Patagonia at Ushuaia, widely considered to be the southernmost city in the world and the perfect home base for exploring the end of South America. Visit the penguin rookeries at Isla Martillo to the albatrosses and cormorants that soar in the air above Lapataia Bay. Finish your trip at El Calafate, where a visit to the incredible Los Glaciares National Park is sure to leave you in awe at the powerful beauty of this incomparable countryside. With comfortable and luxurious accommodations awaiting you at every turn, you may be in the heart of the wilderness, but you’ll never be roughing it.

Every one of your sense will be stirred on this remarkable voyage: you’ll see the glint of the sun off the beryl blue of Perito Moreno glacier, you’ll hear the cries of gulls as they take flight over the Beagle Channel, you’ll smell the rich smoke of a Patagonian asado (grill), and you’ll feel a connection to nature unlike any you’ve ever known. By the end of your vacation, you’ll feel the irresistible pull of Patagonia begging you to return.


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