Brazil Vacation: Manaus, Rio de Janeiro & Iguazu Falls

Awesome scenery and astounding urban marvels? Check. World-class culture and otherworldly beauty? Check. Passionate locals, scrumptious food, and wonders of natural and divine provenance? Check. From the streets of Rio to the banks of the Amazon, there is simply no other country on the planet like Brazil. And while all of the world will be seeing it on TV, there’s never been a better time to come experience a Brazil vacation for yourself.



  • Experience the glories of Iguazu Falls, a peerless natural wonder that marks the border between Brazil and Argentina and that has attracted generations of visitors
  • Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Amazon rainforest, where the air is filled with the calling of birds and the land conjures up images of the great unknown
  • Learn about life in the Amazons from some of its local natives who are happy to share narratives of their culture, history, and traditions that have endured for years in this seemingly inhospitable land
  • Take a nighttime boating expedition to spot some if the Amazon’s other natives: the alligators
  • Live it up in Rio de Janeiro, home to the world’s most famous beaches, most iconic harbor and the striking and unforgettable statue of  Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) surveying the bustling city below
  • Enjoy a live and authentically Rio performance reminiscent of the famous Carnival
  • Discover the charms of Manaus, a modern city on the outskirts of the rainforest where culture and high style exist alongside a wild and rugged natural world
  • Take a guided tour through the neighborhoods and the history of Manaus with stops at the Indian Museum and the Teatro Amazonas, home of the Amazonas Philharmonic Orchestra



Day 1): Manaus – Touching Down in the Heart of the Amazon

(Day 2): Manaus – Exploring Magnificent Manaus

(Day 3): Manaus – Further into the Forest

(Day 4): Manaus – The Incredible Sights of the Brazilian Interior

(Day 5): Manaus-Rio de Janeiro – Turning South to Regal Rio

(Day 6): Rio de Janeiro – Discovering the Glories of Rio from Sunrise to Sunset

(Day 7): Rio de Janeiro – A Curtain of Green in a Bustling Metropolis

(Day 8): Rio de Janeiro-Iguazu Falls – Heading to the Borderlands

(Day 9): Iguazu Falls – The Awesome Power of Iguazu Falls

(Day 10): Iguazu Fall-Rio – Returning to the City

(Day 11): Rio de Janeiro – Bidding Goodbye to Brazil


The largest country in South America and the home to some of the biggest cities on Earth, Brazil is known the world over for its stunning natural scenery, its magical metropolises and the irresistible charm of its people. This 11-day tour will lead you all over this diverse country, from the rainforests of the Amazon to the glittering lights and glamor of Rio, and it will introduce you to a country that is soon to celebrate its coming-out party to the world.


Absorb the opulence of Rio, from soaring Mount Corcovado to simmering Copacabana, and from the spectacle of the Sambadrome to phenomenal Sugar Loaf. Lose yourself in the fecund Amazon rainforest, where tropical animals and unparalleled plant-life give you a glimpse of nature red in tooth and claw. Head to the borderlands for an unforgettable journey to monumental Iguazu Falls, and spend some time in marvelous Manaus, one of the country’s hidden gems. Wherever you find joy, whatever dreams you may have, however you conceive of paradise, make no mistake: all of it is here in breathtaking Brazil.


  • Architecture Tours / Cultural Activities / Dancing / Landmarks / Museums & Galleries / Performances: Concerts – Theaters – Shows – Dances & Musicals / Beaches / Shopping / Walking Tours / Hiking / National Park / Reserve / Nature / Outdoor Adventures / Safari / Wildlife / Waterfalls

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