North Thailand Adventure Tour for Couples

Northern Thailand floats on a carpet of enchantment, harmoniously blending fascinating culture, astounding nature, and absolutely unique experiences. Intimate and authentic, this North Thailand adventure is handcrafted for the adventurous couple, offering a compelling romantic luxury to compliment the omnipresent charm. A spa in the jungle, private temple ceremonies, elegant river journeys, trekking in postcard perfect wilderness…this is the land of smiles at its most atmospheric.



  • Soak up the contrasting cultural splendor of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, with city tours revealing ancient ruins, distinctive markets, intimate temple experiences, and hidden charms
  • Indulge in the riverside exclusivity of a renowned elephant camp, the natural wonder complimented by a spa in the jungle and an elegant long-tail boat journey along the Mekong
  • Visit an authentic hill tribe village and then spend a leisurely afternoon rafting down the Mae Tang River
  • Get blessed together in an ancient temple, swirling incense and chanting monks completing the feeling of spiritual immersion
  • Discover the secrets of Thai cuisine as an organic cooking course reveals the magic behind the subtle flavors and nuanced textures
  • Trek to Thailand’s highest peak and gaze down on the effervescent greenery of Northern Thailand, the stupendous views complimented by continual serenity in Doi Inthanont National Park



(Day 1): Elegant Relaxation in Chiang Rai

(Day 2): The Golden Triangle and an Exclusive Luxury Camp on the Riverside

(Day 3): Thrilling Elephant Mahout Experience and Sailing along the Mekong

(Day 4): An Intimate Journey to Chiang Mai

(Day 5): Serene Enchantment in Chiang Mai

(Day 6): Fabulous Thai Organic Cooking Course

(Day 7): A Day of Natural Wonder in Doi Inthanont

(Day 8): Farewell to the Land of Smiles



At first glance, Northern Thailand seems like it’s been artificially enhanced by a Hollywood studio. The landscape contains an astonishing vibrancy, mingling and juxtaposing colors offering glimpses of both natural and cultural wonder. The greens are exuberant, reds shimmer with ebullience, and the aesthetic splendor is supplemented by impressive sounds and sensual smells. This unforgettable landscape is an idyllic destination for romance. Carefully tailored for the escaping couple, this itinerary blends the unique and exclusive experiences that emanate throughout the region. It’s not a standard sightseeing vacation. Take a private Thai cooking lesson with a renowned chef, get blessed in an exclusive temple ceremony, enjoy an intimate spa in the jungle, learn how to ride and control elephants, and soak up the prodigious brilliance of some of Thailand’s finest accommodation. This is an evocative romantic escape, unveiling the best of Northern Thailand for couples eager for a shared adventure.


Start in Chiang Rai, a quaint mountain town surrounded by luxuriantly green mountains. Jungle clad valleys roll beyond the horizon, spiritual temples gesture you both forward, and your first day showcases the rich cultural history of Northern Thailand. After this rich culture comes indulgent nature, an exclusive riverside elephant camp your base for the next two days. Enjoy an open-air spa amidst the jungle and enjoy private long-tail boat journeys along the Mekong River. It’s these elegant journeys that reveal local Thai life along the riverside. And you won’t just be riding elephants here; you’ll learn to guide the pachyderms with an elephant mahout course. Expect plenty of thrills and intimate moments, not least when a sumptuous dinner is served in a jungle clearing, the silhouettes of elephants dancing through the surrounding trees.


On day four you weave through the mountains to Chiang Mai, Thailand’s cultural heart. En route, visit a long-necked hill tribe village and take a private rafting journey down rivers that imbue serenity. Chiang Mai is a justifiably popular destination and this itinerary ensures you get to experience its intimate and original side. Enjoy a private blessing ceremony in a jungle covered temple, the spiritual resonance complimented by archaic architectural brilliance. Savor the smells and tastes of authentic Thai cuisine with an organic cooking lesson. Participate in a sunrise alms ceremony and join the monks in soft evening chants. Like everything on this itinerary, these are private experiences that compliment your feeling of pure escapism.

Explore the rich tapestry of Chiang Mai’s culture and then head to Thailand’s highest peak. The majestic Doi Inthanont National Park bursts with adventurous hiking trails and staggering panoramas. Hidden waterfalls, resplendent temples, fabulous open-air markets, weaving mountain roads; your guide helps to reveal the untamed highlights of a whole region around Chiang Mai. Yet romantic reverie and privacy always come at the top of the agenda. After eight days you wave farewell to Northern Thailand, coasting above the sublime landscape that’s provided such indelible memories.

Every facet of this itinerary is fully customizable. Additional destinations can be added and some couples may wish to extend this North Thailand adventure with a few days of postcard perfect bliss on one of Thailand’s tropical islands.



  • Cultural / Architecture / History & Archaeology Tours / Museums & Galleries / Boating & Sailing / Rafting / Waterfalls

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