Highlights of Argentina Tour

Water tumbles over towering cliffs stretching for miles and the sea air blows across the straits and channels that tested even the most daring of explorers. Enormous ice walls groan and shriek under the demands of a constantly shifting world, and the sun touches down over another bustling day in an inimitable world capital. It’s just another day in Argentina, but this highlights of Argentina tour will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.



  • Spend a day in Buenos Aires, where Old World elegance meets New World flair for a combination that is unlike anywhere else on the planet
  • Marvel in the astounding power and undeniable grace of Iguazu Falls, a stupendous series of up to 300 waterfalls that is one of the world’s great natural wonders
  • Experience life on the edge of the world as you tour the environs of Tierra del Fuego, including an unforgettable visit to the southernmost city on Earth
  • Revel in the beauty and grandeur of Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park, from the sighing and cracking of the Perito Moreno Glacier to the astounding size and arresting beauty of the Upsala Glacier



(Day 1): Buenos Aires – Starting Your Adventure in Argentina’s Arresting Capital

(Day 2): Buenos Aires-Iguazu Falls – Turning North to a Natural Wonder

(Day 3): Iguazu Falls – The Argentine Side of Inimitable Iguazu

(Day 4): Iguazu Falls-Ushuaia – Trekking Down to the Ends of the Earth

(Day 5): Ushuaia – An Unforgettable Day in Tierra del Fuego

(Day 6): Ushuaia – The Pristine Lakes of Patagonia

(Day 7): Ushuaia-El Calafate – From the Land of Fire to a World of Ice

(Day 8): El Calafate – Exploring Incredible Perito Moreno

(Day 9): Upsala Glacier – A Trip to Upsala and Onelli Bay

(Day 10): El Calafate – The End of Your Argentine Adventure



Argentina is a country of superb natural beauty and charismatic people, a nation famous for its delightful capital and its dreamlike countryside. This 10-day Argentina tour will take you to the far ends of Argentina to show you some of the best sites in the entire world, dazzling you with stories and entrancing you with the magic that seems to fill the air. From the waters of the Rio de la Plata to the last wisps of land in Tierra del Fuego, this highlights of Argentina tour will stimulate your senses and inspire your imagination.


Hit the highlights in Buenos Aires, the cultural, political and social center of Argentina and one of the unique cities on the globe, where the stateliness of Europe exists alongside the passion of South America. Gaze in awe upon scintillating Iguazu Falls, and venture far to the south to encounter the magic of Tierra del Fuego, a region that has been attracting tourists for centuries with its amazing wildlife and splendid scenery. Check out the puissance and grace of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, from still-growing Perito Moreno Glacier to massive and marvelous Upsala Glacier. If you’ve ever longed to visit a place where time seems to stand still and where Mother Nature is the dominant force; if you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing the world at its greatest and grandest, its most poetic and pristine, then this is the tour for you.


  • Architecture Tours / Cultural Activities / Dancing / Historical Sites / Landmarks / Local Food / Monument / Memorial / Performances: Concerts – Theaters – Shows – Dances & Musicals / World Heritage Sites / Food & Wine / Gourmet Dining / Parks / Small Towns / Villages / Walking Tours / Ecotourism / National Park / Reserve / Nature / Outdoor Adventures / Waterfalls

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