Argentina and Chile Wine Region Tour

Brilliant color, tantalizing aroma, classic elegance, and staying power: are these the descriptors of a world-class wine, or the vacation of your dreams? This 9-day Argentina and Chile wine region tour shows that history mingles beautifully with the future, culture and nature run side by side, and the charm of the people is matched only by the magic of your surroundings. You’ll find that a great glass of wine and a world-class vacation have more in common than you might think.



  • Encounter the urban and rural marvels of Buenos Aires, like the traditions of the gallant Gauchos and the stupendous stretch of the Avenida 9 de Julio, the widest street in the entire world
  • Meander through Mendoza, the center of Argentina’s wine industry and one of the country’s best-kept secrets
  • Make your way across the Andes in unforgettable fashion, bearing witness to the stunning grandeur of some of the tallest and most picturesque peaks in the Western Hemisphere
  • See the sights in Santiago, from the Metropolitan Cathedral to the ornate La Moneda Palace, to the stunning vista from San Cristobal Hill
  • Explore the quickly developing wine regions of Chile in the captivating Colchagua Valley, the area that is quickly becoming ground zero for the best and brightest wine innovators on the planet




(Day 1): Buenos Aires – Touching Down in the Capital of Argentina

(Day 2): Buenos Aires – An Unforgettable Excursion in the Heart of the Pampas

(Day 3): Buenos Aires – Reveling in Argentina’s National Dance

(Day 4): Mendoza – Trekking West to Wine Country

(Day 5): Mendoza – Exploring the Wonders of Marvelous Mendoza

(Day 6): Santiago – Crossing the Andes

(Day 7): Santiago – The Many Charms of Sensational Santiago

(Day 8): Colchagua Valley – Touring Chile’s Up-and-Coming Wineries

(Day 9): Santiago – Saying Goodbye to the Southern Cone



While the valleys of California and the river regions of France are undoubtedly more famous, Chile and Argentina have quickly risen to take their place among the true giants of the world of wine. This 9-day Argentina and Chile wine region tour will introduce you to the great vintners and vintages of the area, from Chile’s plunging valleys to the high and dry plateaus that surround Mendoza. Throw in the cultural delights of Santiago and Buenos Aires, and this is sure to be one visit to wine country that is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.


Explore the great cities of these two noteworthy nations, from the Plaza de Armas in Santiago to the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, from the magnificent Metropolitan Cathedral to the captivating Casa Rosada. Revel in the wonders of the borderlands, from the soaring Andes to the magic of Mendoza to the Gauchos, the pride of the Pampas. And, of course, sip the most decadent Malbecs, the crispest Torrontes, and a Cabernet better than anyone in Napa, within the stunning scenery of South America. If your palate is as refined as your taste for adventure; if a fine glass of wine is second only to a festive night of entertainment; if you’re looking for a journey that you can rave to your friends and family about, then Chile and Argentina are the only places to go.


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