Tanzania Northern Circuit Wildlife Safari & Zanzibar

Tanzania is a land of magic and compelling authenticity. It’s a place of walking through big cat country and wandering along hypnotic Zanzibar streets. It’s a place of exploring the Serengeti and Ngorongoro before lounging on idyllic beaches. So indulge yourself in one mystical island, four national parks, endless safari adventure, and twelve days that showcase the most mesmerizing sides of Tanzania.



  • Descend into the abundant Ngorongoro Crater and discover why it’s one of nature’s greatest phenomena. It’s a world of spotting the full Big Five in one afternoon, hippos covering lakes, and lions resting in the shade of your safari vehicle
  • Watch the playful antics of giant elephant herds in Tarangire, up to 300 grouped together, frolicking beneath iconic baobab trees
  • Spend three days exploring the endless plains of the Serengeti, home to the great wildebeest migration, a remarkable collection of big cats, and a lifetime of unforgettable memories
  • Wind through the lush landscapes of Lake Manyara to find tree-climbing lions, serene giraffe, and an eclectic juxtaposition of colors
  • Wander the atmospheric narrow streets of Zanzibar’s Stone Town, soaking up the sensual feast and wallowing in an encompassing mystique
  • Relax on Zanzibar’s endless loop of perfect beaches and let the gentle waves and swaying wooden boats sing you a lullaby
  • Enjoy exclusive hand-picked accommodation throughout and savor all of Tanzania’s charms from your own verandah



(Day 1):  Arrive in Arusha

(Day 2):  The Tanzania Safari Adventure Begins in Tarangire

(Day 3):  Astonishing Wildlife in the Ngorongoro Crater

(Days 4 – 6):  The Immense Plains of the Serengeti

(Day 7):  Olduvai Gorge and the Crater Highlands

(Day 8):  The Luscious Delights of Lake Manyara

(Days 9 – 11):  Idyllic Relaxation on Zanzibar Island

(Day 12):  Farewell to Africa



When you return from Tanzania most people don’t believe your stories. Over a million wildebeest thundering across the Serengeti plains? Mystical Zanzibar streets full of Persian baths, Hindu temples, and Portuguese cathedrals? An inactive volcanic crater where lion prides lie down beside your safari truck? Surely not! Sometimes it doesn’t even feel real as you’re experiencing it, the compelling authenticity of Tanzania often seeming just a little farfetched. But a daily rhythm of intimate moments help keep everything non-fictional; a leopard’s solemn stare, baby elephants splashing in the water, white sand squeaking beneath your feet. Tanzania is a mesmerizing country and this unique itinerary is all about showing you its different sides.


After arriving in Arusha, start your safari adventure in Tarangire, a land of ancient baobab trees and massive elephant herds. Discover the lions that climb trees, and begin to immerse yourself in a wildlife world that always throws up surprises. Then the next morning you’ll see it all from ground level, a thrilling walking safari getting you up close and personal. Ngorongoro Crater is a freak of nature, even by Tanzanian standards, and your game drive will reveal six different habitats and the full Big Five. The question is rarely about what you’re going to find, it’s about which way to look.


The Serengeti’s endless plains deserve three days, enabling you to explore different areas of the world’s most famous park. It’s home to the Great Migration, an astonishing abundance of big cats, and a surreal portrayal of untamed Africa. Yet for all the millions of hooves that rumble across the grass, and the vast beauty of the land, the Serengeti always delivers wonderfully personal moments that only you witnessed; lionesses stalking a gazelle, the loved up pair of zebras beside your camp, the melancholy steps of an old elephant bull. Lake Manyara completes your safari adventure, the lush forest and flamingo-covered lake providing some new Tanzanian wildlife scenes.

Now it’s time for a change of pace, Zanzibar Island providing the perfect combination of beach bliss and mystical charm. Wander the narrow alleyways of Stone Town, relishing the sounds that float across the rooftops, and discovering a place that’s harmoniously shaped by umpteen different cultures. Indian Ocean waters and deserted white sand form a soporific loop around Zanzibar, and you’ve got three days to explore its postcard perfect beaches. Twelve days will roll by but with so much to see and experience it will feel like much longer. And while this itinerary is packed with attractions, Tanzania runs on a relaxed rhythm and allows you to combine adventure with tranquility.


If you are wanting more of a Tanzanian adventure, see the Tanzania safari tour reviews section for ideas and traveler reviews.


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