Tanzania Honeymoon Safari

Safari means to journey. Experience the journey as you start your lives as newlyweds and experience the dense wildlife of Tanzania, where black rhinoceros graze the land, lions laze in the grass, and the sweet sound of vibrant birds drift through the sky. Let the journey be the destination and learn what Mambo Poa (cool stuff) and safari mean beyond their definitions in your unforgettable honeymoon in Tanzania.



  • See the African Big Five
  • Witness the Great Migration of the Serengeti Plains
  • Experience a walking safari in Arusha National Park
  • Wander through the southern plains of the Serengeti
  • Traverse the northern territory of the Serengeti
  • Watch the expansive wildlife in their natural habitat in the Ngorongoro Crater
  • Learn about the cultural history of the Olduvai Gorge
  • See the lush landscape of Tarangire National Park



(Day 1):  Transfer From Arusha and Game Drive in Tarangire National Park

(Day 2):  Journey to and Through Serengeti National Park

(Day 3):  Explore the Northern Territory of the Serengeti

(Day 4):  Travel to Ngorongoro Crater and the Olduvai Gorge

(Day 5):  Safari Through the Ngorongoro Crater Before Transfer to Arusha

(Day 6):  Have a Walking Safari and Game Drive in Arusha National Park



Dive deep into your own private journey on this exceptional 6-day Tanzania safari. Whether in the dry season of Tanzania’s winter months or the wet season of the summer, this exclusive tour will show you the true meaning of safari, where there is more to a destination than just being there, where there is always more to see, more to explore, and more to experience. Leave from your luxurious and intimate accommodation in Arusha and prepare yourself to travel through the depths of East Africa, where the wildlife lingers in the people’s hearts and minds, and has captivated our imaginations for generations.


Travel to Tarangire National Park where the river feeds the land and animals all year round and keeps the park lush and brimming with wildlife. The smell of wet earth constantly filling the air as generous amounts of antelope, elephants, and lions decorate the riverbanks and stand along the rushing water’s edge.  The Serengeti has you journey through the endless plains of historical magnitude, known throughout the world as an incredible site to view the natural life of East Africa, from jackal to serval, the Big Five to aardvarks, and continues on to the Olduvai Gorge where humanity’s history unfolds itself to anyone and everyone willing to visit.

The romantic journey continues with a visit to Ngorongoro Crater and the abundance of life that calls the crater floor home. The clouds part daily, burned away by the golden sun that pokes holes into the overcast sky like Swiss cheese and shines light onto the consistent greenery. Return to Arusha and traverse the grounds of Arusha National Park, both on foot and by vehicle, and wander through the incredible forest and exceptional fauna, all while Kilimanjaro watches over you from above.

The beauty of Africa sings in the morning with the sunrise and in the evening with the sunset. The light of the stars drifts across the sky, illuminating the night and shining down on the nocturnal wildlife. Whether day or night, Tanzania will keep your sense of adventure thriving and your interest peaked as you make your way through the stunning landscape and vivacious wildlife. Your journey through Africa comes to an eventual end, but the safari never will.



  • Cultural / Historical Sites / Museums & Galleries / Trekking / Photography / Small Towns / Villages / Hiking / National Park / Reserve / Outdoor Adventures / Safari / Wildlife

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