Stunning Modern Chapel in South Africa Has Roof that Appears to Take Flight

Set within a serenely expansive vineyard in South Africa, a new modern chapel by Steyn Studio, in collaboration with TV3 Architects, is an impressive piece of religious architecture. Capped by an undulating roof, the Bosjes Chapel pays homage to historic Cape Dutch homes.

The chapel is set within the Bosjes Farm, with its swooping, symmetrical roof reaching down to dip into a reflecting pool. As it rises up, the poured concrete roof reveals large picture windows that allude to the structure’s full height. Surrounded by the mountains, the building’s forms also mirror its environment.

Inspired by the biblical passage Psalm 36:7, which reads “How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings,” the chapel appears to float in space. In fact, the entire chapel is set on a plinth which provides this illusion.


To make the structure as light as possible, the architects ingeniously designed a roof would also become the chapel’s walls and columns, essentially supporting itself. The overall effect is a light, majestic structure perfectly synchronized with its spiritual functionality.

The poured concrete roof of this modern chapel appears as wings ready to take flight and provides the entire supporting mechanism of the religious building.


Steyn Studio: Website | Facebook | Instagram
TV3 Architects:  Website | Facebook
h/t: [Dezeen]

All images via Adam Letch.

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  1. Stunning is exactly the right word. Thanks for sharing, and great job with the photos!


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