Highlights of Thailand Tour: Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, Phuket & Koh Phi Phi

Jade statues shimmer in the bright lights, golden temples offer lustrous history, and immaculate beaches glow three shades of blue. Witness tigers playing with monks and ornate boats ridden by kings on this custom tailored tour in and around Bangkok and Phuket. From the Chao Phraya River to the famed Buddha within the tree, the Big Buddha overlooking the ocean to the remarkable school of fish swimming beneath the sea, explore the luxurious diversity of Thailand set within its history, along its cityscape, and beside its shores.



  • Discover the majesty of the Grand Palace and stunning Jade Buddha at the heart of Bangkok
  • Witness the wonderful history marked in the temples in Ayutthaya, the capital city of the empire of Siam
  • Walk along the path of a historic railway as you learn about the Second World War’s effect on Thailand in Kanchanaburi
  • Revel with real tigers at the famed and remarkable Tiger Temple
  • Experience the luscious beaches of Phuket
  • Visit the powder sands of Maya Bay where Leonardo Dicaprio’s The Beach was filmed



(Day 1): Arrive in Bangkok, Thailand

(Day 2): Discover the Grand Palace and Sensational Temples of Bangkok

(Day 3): Cruise along the River to find the Fabulous Capital of Siam, Ayutthaya

(Day 4): Explore Kanchanaburi and Famous Bridge of River Kwai

(Day 5): Transfer to Phuket, Thailand

(Day 6): Revel along the Sensational Waters of Phuket

(Day 7): Traverse the Ocean to see the Beauty of Koh Phi Phi

(Day 8): Depart for Home



The wonder is never ending on this 8-day exploration through Thailand that will take you through the diverse cultures of Thailand’s largest city to the immaculate shores of Phuket.  From the fabulous landscapes in and around Bangkok to holy temples and celebrated palaces, and set along historic train tracks and marvelous vistas, you will have the opportunity to experience the tremendous traditions carved within stone, and the modern lives shaped by time. There is no end to the majesty you will explore in Southeast Asia, and you know that this is just the beginning.

Arrive in Bangkok and begin your sensational journey through Thailand. The metropolis spreads along a vast expanse giving rise to skyscrapers and highways, where the traditional charm of the city is hidden for those who know where to find it, like along the street of Rambuttri where the trees overtake the walkway giving a serenity to the bustle that surrounds the city. Travel along the waterway to find the Grand Palace, its ornate structure filled with shrines and towering spires, each laden with the sparkle of gold. The remarkable Jade Buddha stands proud in a position of reverence and awe. In Ayutthaya you will venture into the heart of what was once the capital of Siam.


Temples fill the center of the city where you can see the prominent towers that rose over the city itself, and now you can find the famed Buddha smiling from within the tree vines. In Kanchanaburi you will tour the grounds of the World War II Memorial Museum which pays tribute to the prisoners of war, forced to build the railway system for the Japanese. On the outer rim of the city you will find the Tiger Temple; monks raise bangle tigers from birth, giving them sanctuary, a place to play and grow without the threats of the outside world.

Continue your exploration of Thailand with your arrival in Phuket. The island is ripe with beauty, from its lush jungle to its sapphire waters. Whether lounging on the shores or visiting the Big Buddha that stands at the summit of Nakkerd Hill, the colors of the island are enough to keep you hypnotized in merriment. Board a speedboat where you will visit the collection of islands around Koh Phi Phi, including the famous Maya Bay, known as the setting of Leonardo Dicaprio’s The Beach. The next day you will board your flight home but there will always be more remarkable Thailand to explore.


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