Luxury Northern Circuit Tanzania Safari Tour

Tanzania’s wilderness responds to the iconic reverie of an African safari. Big cats chase thousands of zebra, 100-strong elephant herds roam past ancient baobabs, and surreal scenes play out beside your lodge balcony. Don’t just think Big Five. This 11-day northern circuit Tanzania safari tour is absolute immersion in nature’s greatest theater. Witness unexpected characters and sublime scenes of predator and prey. With the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire and Manyara, this trip connects Tanzania’s dramatic safari highlights.



  • Fully immerse yourself in the dramatic wildlife of Tanzania with eight full days of safari and game viewing activities
  • Intimately encounter Africa’s great mammals and get close to the hypnotic interaction between predator and prey
  • Marvel at huge elephants and ancient baobab trees as your Tanzania safari starts in Tarangire National Park
  • Spend an inspiring day in Ngorongoro Crater, a compact haven for 30,000 mammals and all the iconic Big Five
  • Go off the beaten track with an invitation to a Maasai boma and a small rural village that doesn’t see many tourists
  • Delight in the big and small of Lake Manyara National Park, from tree-climbing lions and raucous hippos to over 500 bird species
  • Get lost on the endless grass plains of the world-famous Serengeti, the home of the great wildebeest migration and one of the planet’s most untouched expanses of wilderness
  • Relax and indulge in some of Tanzania’s finest lodges and camps, places where wild soundtracks and views over mammal-dappled landscapes come as standard
  • Minimize travel time and marvel at the Serengeti from the sky with a micro flight back to Arusha at the end of the safari



(Day 1): Arusha – First Impressions of Tanzania’s Wild Landscapes

(Day 2): Tarangire National Park – Elephants and Baobab Trees on Your First Game Drives

(Day 3): Tarangire National Park – Exploring the Tanzanian Woodland

(Day 4): Lake Manyara to Ngorongoro Highlands – Exquisite Beauty and Strange Surprises

(Day 5): Ngorongoro Crater – An Iconic Game Drive Into Nature’s Eden

(Day 6): Ngorongoro Crater – Off the Beaten Track Maasai Interaction

(Day 7): Serengeti – Journeying Across the World-Famous Grass Plains

(Days 8 – 10): Serengeti – Immersed in Nature’s Greatest Theater

(Day 11): Serengeti to Arusha – Community Souvenir Shopping and Departure



Like any great theater, a Tanzanian safari is a mix of revered characters, surprising scenes, and unpredictable moments of drama and charm. Nothing in the vast wilderness is scripted on this northern circuit Tanzania safari tour. Giant elephant herds thunder through acacia forests; cheetahs chase gazelle across endless plains, buffalo grunt beside the lodge, and large lion prides lounge beside the safari truck. At every moment there’s a new line, a new moment, of immersive wonder in nature’s great wilderness. A Tanzanian safari isn’t about ticking off the Big Five. These famed mammals are part of the scenery, but also part of a vast fabric of complex interactions. You’re not seeing an elephant. You’re seeing herds of elephants that poetically write their own script each day. Sometimes you see a pride of lions basking in the sun. But sometimes you see a pride of lions chasing down a young zebra. To see what other travelers experienced, be sure to read the traveler reviews of safaris in Tanzania


This tailored Tanzania itinerary visits four world-famous safari destinations. While the destinations are justifiably renowned, they’re not overly crowded. Tanzania seems to redefine notions of space. For example, you finish the trip with four days in the Serengeti, a reserve that covers an area larger than Belgium and some US states. Also, exclusive lodges and camps offer private game viewing from your own verandah. You watch a whole parade of mammals wander past while sipping on a sunset cocktail, and you continually indulge in nature’s wild soundtrack. Then a range of unique activities provides different angles on these hypnotic landscapes. It all looks very different when you’re walking across the plains or soaring above it all in a hot air balloon.

After an overnight in Arusha, Tarangire offers an iconic introduction to an African safari. Thousands of elephants roam through the woodland, congregating in herds of 40, 50, or even 100. They’re joined by a diverse collection of ungulates, offering first intimate encounters with giraffe, buffalo, zebra, and various antelopes. And, as always in Tanzania, there are many big cats looking to pounce from the trees. Continue the safari in Lake Manyara, a pristine park with very different specialities. Along with the usual favorites, huge troops of baboons fill the trees and big pods of rumbustious hippos dominate the lake. Then there’s the rare sight of tree-climbing lions in the mystical forest.


Other days blend outstanding big game with an invite to spend time with a Maasai community. Rhinos and abundant lion prides fill Ngorongoro’s crater floor, joined by your first sightings of wildebeest. Some 30,000 mammals coexist on this compact volcanic crater, and it’s not always harmonious; early mornings often bring the thrill of a hunt here. Traditional Maasai communities share this land with the wild animals, and you’ll see them herding cows beside zebra stripes or hyena footprints. A day with the community gives you a rare look at their lifestyles. Then it’s the Serengeti, with great grass plains that host the annual great wildebeest migration. There are more mammals here than anywhere else on the planet and four days allow you to really delve into the continual battle between predator and prey. In this gargantuan wilderness, you’re constantly surrounded by nature at its most charming and most dramatic.


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