Serengeti Wildlife Safari & Tanzania Cultural Tour

Tanzania’s land is full of evocative tales, remarkable narratives that reveal an ancient untamed world. The storytellers offer an absorbing experience into the untouched charms of Africa. From local Meru women to lion prides on the Serengeti, indigenous Hadzabe bushmen to the Big Five residents of Ngorongoro, this unique itinerary provides the perfect blend of cultural immersion and safari adventure.


  • Take a spectacular Big Five safari in Ngorongoro Crater, driving through nature’s most abundant park and coming face-to-face with black rhinos, lion prides, and massive bull elephants
  • Immerse yourself in the Serengeti and spend three days exploring this world famous park with hunting predators, millions of wildebeest, and endless grass plains, making this is a surreal place that often defies the eyes
  • Spend a fascinating day with the women of Mulala village, listening to ancient tales, learning about local life, and discovering a remarkable culture
  • Explore the lush landscapes of Lake Manyara, discovering tree-climbing lions, giant hippo pods, and an endearing cast of Africa’s great wildlife
  • Wander in the footsteps of indigenous bushmen as you experience a full day with the hunter gatherer Hadzabe tribes of Lake Eyasi
  • Enjoy hand picked luxury accommodation throughout, from private cottage verandahs overlooking game filled parks to opulent lodges that ooze style and exclusivity



(Day 1):  Arrive in Africa

(Day 2):  Mulala Cultural Tourism Tour

(Day 3):  Safari Adventure in Lake Manyara

(Day 4):  Bushmen Tour in Lake Eyasi

(Day 5):  The Unique Wonders of Ngorongoro Crater

(Days 6 – 8):  Exploring the Serengeti

(Day 9):  Farewell to Africa



Tanzania’s fabled land can be explored through its unique residents. There’s the atmospheric villages where local women find innovative ways to survive and flourish. Out on the grass plains of the Serengeti there’s the constant battle between predator and prey; stories of survival told by the immense wildebeest herds, and ferocious dinner tales revealed by the big cats. Hunter-gatherer bushmen have coexisted with the wildlife for millennia, and their laconic stories live on through a few remaining tribes. Black rhinos, roaming elephants, endearing village elders, fluttering bird song, lion prides, barefooted hunters; this itinerary provides a fascinating narrative arc, an eclectic blend of characters, and an adventure that you won’t want to end.


You’ll start in a traditional Wameru village, soaking up the charms and learning about culture from local women. You’ll be given a warm welcome and have plenty of opportunity to share stories. After all, these villages have always entertained their guests. The mystical forest of Lake Manyara can play tricks on the eye. Turn a corner and an elephant appears. Then a baboon troop emerges from the darkness. A tree-climbing lion watches you pass from a broad acacia branch. It’s a perfect first safari stop, a compact journey through different habitats that brings you close to most of Africa’s great mammals.

Some of Africa’s last hunter-gatherer tribes can be found around Lake Eyasi and you’ll have a full day experiencing their lost indigenous lifestyle; think bow and arrows, making fires by rubbing sticks, and ingenious ways to coexist with nature. Here the storytelling comes from the Big Five; all of them found in the remarkable Ngorongoro Crater. A game drive here provides African safari in a nutshell, an astonishing abundance of wildlife found just by gazing across the crater floor. This itinerary uses a hand-picked collection of the country’s best accommodation, epitomized by Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge, perched on the crater rim. Gaze down on the inactive volcano from your spacious luxury room, marvel at the opulent interiors, and revel in the blend of traditional and modern comforts.

Your adventure culminates with three days exploring the surreal world of the Serengeti, home to the great wildebeest migration and the perennial battle for survival. It’s a place of freedom and beauty, each game drive taking you deeper into an unadulterated landscape. Grass plains extend forever, leopards are out hunting, lion prides hide cubs on rocky outcrops, and swamps are covered with the bobbing heads of hippos. This is the land that inspired the Lion King and you’ll discover a narrative that seems almost fictional. Except it’s real, and you’re right in the middle of it.


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