Wildlife Tour and Tiger Safari in India

Step into the incredible wilds of India on this custom tailored tour that will take you through the national parks and reserves known for their Bengal tigers. The streets of Delhi are vibrant and historic and the lush jungles of thin, towering sal trees stand alongside the graceful marshlands. Ride through the woodlands on the back of elephants as you scour the riverbanks in search of Asiatic wild dogs and the orange and black striped glow of the largest cat in the wild. From stunning architecture to unparalleled wildlife, you will find it all in India.



  • Venture through the remarkable jungle that inspired Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book at Kanha National Park
  • Explore the diverse ecosystems within the Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Park in search of celebrated Bengal tigers
  • Visit the remarkable history within the Old City of Delhi, displaying ruins that date back hundreds of years
  • Experience the pleasures of a first-class train ride through the countryside
  • Travel through the wilds on the back of an elephant during a private game drive



(Day 1): Welcome Delhi, Capital of India

(Day 2): Transfer to the Splendid District of Katni in Madhya Pradesh

(Day 3): Explore the Natural Beauty of Bandhavgarh National Park

(Day 4): Search the Historic Jungle Home of the Famous White Tigers of Rewa

(Day 5): Enjoy Another Day in the Mystical Wilds of Bandhavgarh National Park

(Day 6): Arrive in Kanha National Park Ready to Search for Tigers

(Day 7): Game Drive through the Wilderness of Kanha Game Reserve

(Day 8): Spend the Day Inspired by the Surrounding Wildlife

(Day 9): Begin Your Return to Delhi through Jabalpur

(Day 10): Return to Delhi and Depart for Home


The mixture of urban life and wildlife come together on this 10-day journey through Delhi and the National Parks that offer you the tremendous opportunity to see Bengal tigers in their natural habitat in India. Whether you’re an animal enthusiast or a lover of the outdoors, a botanist or an explorer, or if you just have a subtle interest to experience the mesmerizing meadows and forests of Central India, this trip was made for you. You will find yourself in the aromatic streets of Delhi’s historic monuments and journeying through swaying grasslands and encircling mountains. Let the mystical come to life, from past to present, from myth to reality.


Your adventure begins with your welcome to Delhi. The capital city of India is awash with vivaciousness, filled with colorful clothing, jingling bangles, and aromatic spices. Spend the day exploring the fabulous ruins, many which are in continual use in some capacity today. The following day you will have at leisure, able to journey through the energetic streets before embarking on a first-class train coach en route to Katni. Once in Katni you will continue onward to Bandhavgarh National Park, home to the old Rewa State where the white tigers of Rewa were discovered. While staying in a jungle resort you will have two and a half days filled with the opportunity to experience wildlife in abundance, and without adulteration.

From barking deer to nilgai, the largest Asian antelope, the sites, sounds, and landscapes will captivate you. From Bandhavgarh you will make your way to Kanha National Park, the inspiration of The Jungle Book. You will have another two and a half days to experience the landscape as Rudyard Kipling did, including an excursion through the forestland and riverbanks on elephant back in search of Bengal tigers. After your days of scouring the jungle landscape have ended you will come to Jabalpur where an evening train will take you overnight to Delhi. You will reach the capital by morning, enjoy a delightful lunch, and have a private transfer to the airport to make your return flight home.


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