Indian Odyssey Tour: Taj Mahal, Khajuraho, Jaipur, UNESCO Ellora Caves

Step out along the trails that will take you through caves and monuments, palaces and rivers, each one a celebration of history and spiritualism on this 14-day tour through India. Whether you find yourself beneath a sensational stone statue carved into an underground temple or you walk along a honey-colored stone path that trails over a fort, you won’t just witness the splendor of India but will also experience it. This tour takes you into the grandeur of a country that has inspired the world with color and spice, spirit and devotion.



  • Witness the sweeping colors of the famous Taj Mahal at sunrise
  • Explore the Jain and Hindu temples that decorate the countryside at Khajuraho
  • Discover the marvelous temple caves through southern India, from Elephanta Island to the Ellora Caves
  • Experience the remarkable color of the Pink City, Jaipur
  • Visit the deserted imperial city of Fatehpur Sikri and wander through the regal grounds
  • Celebrate the tremendous culture that thrives and beats in Varanasi, the heart of the Hindu religion
  • Make your way to the Dhamekh Stupa marking the tree where Buddha reached enlightenment



(Day 1): Arrive in Mumbai, the Largest City in India

(Day 2): Visit the Temple-Caves of Elephanta Island before a Tour of the City

(Day 3): Make Your Way to the UNESCO Heritage Site of Ellora Caves outside of Aurangabad

(Day 4): See the Paintings and Cave Temples at Ajanta Caves En Route to Delhi

(Day 5): Enjoy a Full Day Tour of both Old and New Delhi

(Day 6): Transfer to Jaipur, Capital of the State of Rajasthan

(Day 7): Tour through Jaipur, known as the Pink City

(Day 8): Venture to Agra by Way of the Imperial Ghost City of Fatehpur Sikri

(Day 9): Witness the Taj Mahal at Sunrise and the Diverse Attractions of Agra

(Day 10): Revel in a First-Class Train Ride on Your Way to Khajuraho

(Day 11): Explore the Jain and Hindu Temples before an Afternoon Flight to Varanasi

(Day 12): Discover Varanasi on a Boat Ride along the Ganges River

(Day 13): Return to Delhi

(Day 14): Depart for Home



An Indian odyssey is more than an adventure but is also an experience that will bring you to the brink of history, joining the spiritual wonderment at the heart of the cities to the iconic images, colors, and picturesque scenery that comes to mind when you imagine what India would be like. On this custom tailored tour you will find the pink palace of Jaipur and the immaculate marble of the Taj Mahal, witness the unparalleled magic of Varanasi and the ancient artistry at Khajuraho. The first step to any odyssey is curiosity; the second is adventure.

Welcome to Mumbai, the largest city in India and where your odyssey begins. You will find the city open and expansive, filled with monuments that connote the past and present in diverse ways, from skyscrapers to invisible cities. Just outside the city you will come to Elephanta Island where sprawling beneath the looming cliffs are magnificent temples decorated with detailed engravings devoted to Shiva. The remainder of the day will take you through the iconic sites and sounds of the cityscape. Continue onward to the Ellora Caves where the diversity of the images hidden within the Western Ghats Mountain Range is equally inspiring. The pictures and sculptures at the Ajanta Caves make the experience seem like the adorning pearl on a pile of treasures.

Once in Delhi you will find the old and the new aspects, from streets to buildings, working together to shape the city’s current majesty. In Jaipur you will come to the Amber Fort and the shimmering pink for which the city is known. En route to Agra you will find the ghost city known as Fatehpur Sikri where an imperial capital was once housed. Once in Agra you will come to marvel at the Taj Mahal and the surrounding monuments that bejewel the city before arriving in Khajuraho. The ancient temples of Khajuraho are as memorable for their antiquity as they are for their unparalleled imagery. Once in Varanasi you will tour through the city, finding an immeasurable spirit along the River Ganges as you enjoy a cruise past the bustling life beside the water. You will return to Delhi before your odyssey is complete and soon make your way home.


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