Discover China Tour: Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Forbidden City & More

Experience the fascinating diversity of China by getting a taste of beautiful cosmopolitan cities and stunningly picturesque rural areas while immersing yourself in history during this captivating tour of the Middle Kingdom. Let your eyes sparkle in the bright lights as your mind becomes mesmerized in the shadows of some of the largest buildings in the world as you tour Shanghai and Beijing. Visit China’s most famous landmark: The Great Wall. Explore age-old temples and palaces. Walk the cobbled streets of ancient towns in Lijiang – weaving in and out of peaceful streams. Pick green tea from serene fields; enjoy restaurants that overlook ancient rooftops and mountains. And unwind as you walk through enchanting parks before cruising down beautiful lakes in Hangzhou and Xitang.



  • Tour imperial palaces of Beijing and explore the timeless wonders of the city
  • Enjoy a day admiring the unforgettable World UNESCO Heritage Site, the Great Wall of China
  • Experience the mesmerizing Peking Opera Performance, which has been performed for over 200 years
  • Journey the quaint parks, old towns, temples and villages of Lijiang
  • Soak up the ethnic diversity of Yunnan while enjoying a traditional Naxi Music Performance
  • Cruise down the West Lake in Hangzhou surrounded by gardens, pagodas, and mountains
  • Pick China’s most admired and famous green tea from its beautiful plantation fields in Longjing
  • Enjoy the stunning Evening Impression West Lake Performance, a live performance on the lake itself
  • Admire the architecture of Shanghai as you stroll down the Riverfront Bund
  • Explore the French Concession and tour the art and shopping districts of Shanghai



(Day 1): Beijing – Arrival in the Forbidden City

(Day 2): Beijing – Tour of the Forbidden Palace and Temple of Heaven

(Day 3): Beijing – Private Excursion to the Great Wall and Peking Opera Performance

(Day 4): Beijing – Tour of Summer Palace, Experience Local Markets and Visit Contemporary Art Galleries

(Day 5): Depart Beijing to Lijiang – Private Transfer to Airport and Flight

(Day 6): Lijiang – Jade Spring Park, Lijiang Old Town Tour and Naxi Music Performance

(Day 7):  Lijiang – Mu’s Residence and Baisha Village

(Day 8): Depart Lijiang to Hangzhou – Private Transfer to Airport and Flight

(Day 9): Hangzhou – Tour of Tea Plantation and an Evening Impression West Lake Performance

(Day 10): Depart Hangzhou to Xitang – Tour of Xitang – Depart Xitang to Shanghai

(Day 11): Shanghai – Riverfront Bund, French Concession, Shanghai Museum, Yuyuan Garden, Art and Shopping Districts

(Day 12): Shanghai – Departure


When you think of China, you may envisage one of its world-renowned political leaders such as Mao Zedong, or you may depict a landmark like The Great Wall of China. Equally as likely, you might picture the bright lights and buzz of a mega city like Shanghai. In contrast, you may think of ancient Chinese towns and cities featuring beautiful temples and pagodas, or picturesque countryside mountains that glisten in the sunshine. This unique and fascinating tour will encapsulate almost anything your mind casts itself to regarding the Middle Kingdom and provide you with an amazing taste of both modern-day and traditional China.


A very high standard of private tours and five-star luxury accommodations are provided throughout this 11-day trip, which will begin in the country’s famous capital of Beijing. During your four-night stay in this historical city, you will visit renowned landmarks such as Tiananmen Square – the largest city square in the world, and steeped in political history – this is where Mao Zedong asserted the beginning of the People’s Republic of China. Visit the significant areas surrounding the square, including the enchantingly beautiful imperial palace, the Forbidden City. Not to mention the Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace – which are also of breath-taking imperial beauty.

Weave your way in and around the streets of Beijing, visiting the local markets that offer an incredible variety of food, jewelry, clothes and a wide selection of other spectacular goods. Get a taste of the beautiful and bizarre Peking Opera Performance, which includes dance, acrobatics, music and mime. A one-day excursion to the Great Wall of China will give you a chance to move out of the city and experience a fascinating feature of the world.

Visit the stunning Lijiang of Yunnan Province – a charmingly scenic city encompassing a beautifully historical old town. There are breath-taking parks and monasteries to be admired on the outskirts, which sit closer to the nearby picturesque snow mountains. Besides its scenic beauty, Lijiang is renowned for being among the most ethnically diverse places in China – therefore, you will be able to experience a variety of ethnic minority cultures during your stay, including a spectacular Naxi Musical Concert.

Explore the city of Hangzhou, located in Zhejiang Province. Take a cruise down the quaint West Lake – surrounded by picture-perfect gardens, pagodas, and temples – all of which you will have the opportunity to experience. Visit the wonderfully scenic Longjing tea fields, home of China’s most famous green tea. Take trips down the peaceful rivers in the water town of Xitang – where you will pass residents’ houses and locals on their fishing boats going about their everyday lives. The town is renowned for its 104 bridges, which connect the nine waterways and eight areas together.

The trip will conclude in one of the world’s most exciting cities: Shanghai. Stroll along the Riverfront Bund, which possesses an array of historical foreign buildings and lies adjacent to the spectacular skyscrapers of the city. Head over to the stylishly renowned area that is the French Concession with its Paris-style neighborhoods, shops, and restaurants. The Shanghai Museum is one of the world’s finest, and it’s on the agenda; it displays a titanic amount of ancient Chinese art including sculptures, coins, paintings, and furniture. Take a walk around the glorious Yuyuan Garden, which dates back to 1559; and then explore the city’s numerous other entertaining districts, as this magnificent tour comes to a close.


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