Best of Kerala Tour: Elephanta Island, Cochin, Alleppey, Periyar & Kovalam

Witness temples that have been carved into island caves, and tigers that roam through the lush jungle on this custom tailored tour through the best of Kerala. From the turquoise water of the Arabian Sea to the charming canals that lead into the backwater of untouched villages, you will find the rolling greenery of tea plantations set across the hillside while the history of Cochin, from Vasco Da Gama to the Dutch, is filled with grand palaces and jewels. Travel through the endless wonders of the south where there is always more majesty to discover.



  • Discover the magnificent Elephanta Island, where temples have been carved into caves with remarkable artistry and detail
  • Experience the historic culture of Cochin, home to centuries of trade with the Western and Eastern worlds
  • Enjoy the fresh tea and brilliant landscape of the tea plantations in Munnar
  • Traverse the wild nature of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, home to elephant herds and tigers
  • Witness the fabulous backwater canals outside of Alleppey, known as the Venice of the East
  • Indulge in the wonderful culture of India, set apart from the world in its amalgamation of history, and enjoy a performance of the Kathakali dance show



(Day 1): Arrive in India’s Largest City, Mumbai

(Day 2): Transfer to the City on the Arabian Sea, Cochin, Where a Grand Tour Awaits

(Day 3): Visit the Rolling Hills and Tea Cities of Munnar

(Day 4): Tour through the Tea Plantations and Gardens of Munnar

(Day 5): Make your Way to the Diverse ecosystem of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

(Day 6): Enjoy a Game Drive through the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

(Day 7): Find yourself on the Lovely Beaches of Kovalam

(Day 8): Luxuriate on the Coastal Town of Kovalam

(Day 9): Explore the Backwater Canals Outside of Alleppey

(Day 10): Visit the Charming Philipkutty’s Farm Surrounded by the Canals

(Day 11): Traverse Cochin once More before Returning to Mumbai

(Day 12): Journey through the Incredible Elephanta Island before Departing for Home



Experience the splendor of Kerala on this 12-day tour through the highlights that have inspired and captivated people with trickling canals and detailed temple carvings, powdery beaches and vivacious wildlife. From the historic streets of Cochin to the houseboats in the canals outside of Kovalam, from tea plantations to spice markets, elephant parades to the tranquil break of the Arabian Sea, you will find the splendor of Kerala and witness the reasons why its beauty has been highlighted and sought after by so many.

This India tour package begins with your arrival in Mumbai, a grand city of contrasts with an incredible allure that blends the modern world with the traditional. The following day you will come to the shores of Cochin, a city on the Arabian Sea that parades its lustered history through the streets, from Portuguese to Chinese. Tour through its walkways and find the culture displayed in the evening with a Kathakali dance show. Spend time in Munnar, the largest tea-planting region in the south, where the greenery borderlines are lavish, stretched along the climbing hills. Tour through the plantations and along the banks of Mattuppetty, a nearby manmade lake. Once in Periyar you will enter the Wildlife Sanctuary and spend your time searching the grasslands and forestry for incredible animals such as tigers and gaurs.


Continue your travels with your arrival in Kovalam and find its beautiful beaches where the seaside shimmers in the sunlight. Enjoy a day at leisure along the sand before you traverse the seemingly endless canals that sweep inland around Alleppey, where the countryside is arguably one of the most stunning landscapes you have ever seen. On your 10th day you will enjoy a visit to Philipkutty’s Farm, where the unique farming techniques and marvelous flavors of the food and spices has created a fabulous place to experience. The next day you will return to Cochin en route to Mumbai. Once in Mumbai discover the amazing temples at Elephanta Island, each one carved into the caves. In the evening you will be taken to the airport to make your flight home.



  • Educational / History & Archaeology Tours / Performances: Concerts – Theaters – Shows – Dances & Musicals / Beaches / Caves / Small Towns / Villages / Boating & Sailing / National Park / Reserve

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