Trans-Siberian Railway Tour: From Beijing to Moscow

Embrace the journey and bask in luxury along the more than 6,000 miles of train tracks connecting Beijing to Moscow. Your customizable tour takes you east-to-west along the Trans-Siberian Railway, offering a lifetime of exclusive experiences while traveling through China, Mongolia, and Russia. Freshwater seals sunbathe on the banks of Lake Baikal. The Great Wall of China rolls over the mountainous countryside disappearing beyond the horizon. Elegant minarets soar into the sky, and Buddhist prayer wheels spin amongst the sounds of chanting monks. Relish the adventure, revel in comfort, and enjoy your unforgettable time along the iconic train route that spans continents.



  • Wander along the ancient stone walkway of the Great Wall of China
  • Discover the breathtaking landscape of the Mongolian Alps and the unique culture of the nomads living along the steppe
  • View the heart of Imperial Russia and the seat of the country’s power during a private tour of the Kremlin complex
  • Enjoy the captivating scenery of the Siberian countryside on a panoramic train ride along the shores of the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake
  • Witness the distinctive combination of Muslim and European culture in the former Tartar capital of Kazan
  • Relish a view of Bactrian camels while riding through the Gobi Desert, the largest desert on the Asian continent
  • Explore the imperial splendor of Beijing’s Forbidden City to find jade artifacts and the marvelous Dragon Throne
  • Trace the history of Buddhism in Mongolia while visiting the architecturally stunning Choijin Lama Temple in the capital of Ulan Bator
  • Visit the Church upon Blood in Yekaterinburg, erected over the site at which the Russian Revolution claimed the lives of the Romanov Family
  • Indulge in the uniqueness of the scenery and cultures, combined with endless amounts of luxury within your private room on the Trans-Siberian Railroad



(Day 1): Beijing – Arrive the Capital of China with an Introductory Tour of the City

(Day 2): Beijing – Discover the Treasured Great Wall of China and Ming Tombs

(Day 3): Beijing – Visit the Forbidden City and Depart Beijing Heading for Mongolia

(Day 4): Gobi Desert – Transfer Trains at the Border and Explore the Town of Erlian

(Day 5): Ulan Bator – Dock in the Capital of Mongolia to Tour Choijin Lama Temple

(Day 6): Mongolian Alps – Explore Gandan Monastery and the Mongolian Alps

(Day 7): Ulan-Ude – Delight in the Scenery Passing into Russia to Visit Ulan-Ude

(Day 8): Lake Baikal – Traverse the Blissful Shores of Lake Baikal on a Scenic Train

(Day 9): Irkutsk – Arrive in Irkutsk to Stroll along the Market and History Museums

(Day 10): Siberia – Full Day Scenic Ride through Siberia with Entertaining Classes

(Day 11): Novosibirsk – Enjoy Novosibirsk Hospitality and Explore the Large City

(Day 12): Yekaterinburg – Relish a Cultural Tour of the border of Europe and Asia

(Day 13): Kazan – Wander along Traditional Russian Architecture and a Unique Past

(Day 14): Moscow – Arrive in Moscow with a Tour of the Kremlin and Red Square

(Day 15): Moscow – Delight in a Full Day Tour of Moscow Before your Flight Home


Explore the longest railway line in the world during your 15-day journey offering one of the greatest travel experiences of a lifetime. Take your time traveling between China and Moscow during the months of May to September for the best weather and cultural insight spread across the Mongolian Alps, Gobi Desert, and Siberian countryside. The splendor begins when your flight lands in Beijing. Your private transfer greets you at Beijing Capital International Airport upon your arrival and leads you to a relaxing hotel near the edges of Tiananmen Square. After settling into the comforts of your room, you meet your guide to tour Tiananmen Square and the Temple of Heaven. The next morning, your guide greets you after breakfast and leads you to the fascinating preserved grounds of the Great Wall of China. Traverse a portion of the wall before wandering through the elegant and majestic architecture of the Ming Tombs.


Begin the following day with a guided tour of the opulence conserve within the walls of the Forbidden City. The remainder of the day is yours to explore Beijing at your preferred pace before boarding the comforts of your private compartment on the fabulous train traversing the Trans-Siberian Railway. You reach the Gobi Desert, enjoying the marvels of the landscape before changing trains at the border. The compartment is equally luxurious and offers a grand view of the desert scenery. Stop at the border town of Erlian to experience the historic streets; a town settled as a trading outpost. Return to the train in the afternoon to view the landscape shift from arid rock to the verdant Mongolian steppe.

Next, you arrive in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. Take to the streets with your guide to explore the Choijin Lama Temple Museum and relish the Mongolian heritage during a traditional performance. You venture into the city once again to visit the Gandan Monastery before heading into the Mongolian Alps to meet a nomadic family herding horses and yaks. Enjoy the company and culture of horseback riding and archery before returning to the train in the evening. Cross the border into Russia, reaching the station at Ulan-Ude. The Asian culture remains strong in the capital of the Republic of Buryatia, Russia. Enjoy a guided tour of the city to view the museums, statues, and religious structures separating the city from the rest of Russia.

You have a scenic ride through the forest and tunnels alongside the banks of Lake Baikal. Reach the Siberian village of Port Baikal and traverse the tranquil waterway at your leisure before boarding the train at the Lake Baikal station. The train docks at the station in Irkutsk. The day is yours to discover one of Siberia’s largest cities at your leisure, taking to the bustling central market or viewing the local culture displayed inside the local history museum. The train continues through the Siberian countryside, providing panoramas of evergreen forest and rushing rivers. Onboard lecturers offer varieties of entertainment to participate in, whether it’s vodka tastings or informative history lessons about the Trans-Siberian Railroad.


Next, you stop in Novosibirsk. Folk dancers welcome you upon arrival, and you participate in the local custom of the Bread and Salt Ceremony. The remainder of the day allows you to enjoy the view of the Ob River and the marvelous architecture spread around the city. You reach Yekaterinburg, home to the Church upon Blood and straddling the Asia-Europe border. Discover the city’s connection to the Romanov’s at your leisure before returning to the train.

The Tartar spirit remains strong in Kazan, which is apparent during your visit. Minarets and church spires intermingle in the skyline, forming a remarkable culture connecting East and West. Explore the connections between the Tartars, Cossacks, and Russians in the city, museums, and architecture. You arrive at your final destination along the Trans-Siberian Railroad Moscow is a dynamic city, rich in history and heritage. After settling into the comforts of your hotel, your guide leads you on an encompassing tour of the Kremlin complex and a fascinating perspective of Red Square by night. On the final day, you take to Red Square once again and visit the former KGB headquarters before being escorted to Moscow International Airport for your flight home.


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