China: The Silk Road from Yunnan to Tibet

Travel ancient trade routes from China’s culturally rich southern Yunnan province to the mysterious high Tibetan Plateau, where Buddhism permeates every aspect of life.



One of the oldest continuous civilizations on earth, the region now known as China has a rich and colorful history. Yunnan is one of China’s most mountainous provinces – tropical and lush in parts, with unmatched geography, including limestone plateaus, expansive valleys, and impressive gorges. As one of the most southern provinces, Yunnan has existed on the periphery of Chinese civilization, at times fully incorporated under imperial rule, at others, the first to rebel.


Suspended between heaven and earth in the high Himalayas, neighboring Tibet is, not surprisingly, harsh and desolate. In addition to their stunning scenery, both regions share a unique blend of cultures, an amalgamation of the various peoples who have occupied the region for thousands of years.

Come with us to experience China’s ethnic minorities and the landscapes that have shaped their lives and beliefs. On this journey through some of China and Tibet’s most stunning natural places, we’ll discover important trading villages along the southern Silk Road, 800-year-old towns that retain their old-world charm, and grand Buddhist monasteries that rise from hilltops like palaces in the sky. In Tibet, we walk with wonder around Lhasa’s Potala Palace, trek overland to explore ancient monasteries, and witness Buddhist monks in a centuries-old debating ceremony.


With plenty of opportunity to meet villagers and learn about their culture, to observe master craftsmen at work, and sip yak-butter tea with locals, there is no better way to experience the treasures of Yunnan and Tibet than on an adventure planned by us.


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