Best of Tanzania & Botswana Safaris: Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Okavango Delta

Nature’s drama unfolds in theater-like spaces across Africa, delivering raw tales sprinkled with indulgent charms. Destinations offer distinctive productions. The Serengeti’s grass plains bring the perennial battle of abundant predators and migrating herds. Botswana’s Okavango is a bountiful story of life along the water while Chobe and Linyanti reveal the mystique of the forests. This handcrafted safari to Tanzania and Botswana traverses these great production spaces, unraveling all the iconic stories.



  • Enjoy a thrilling nine full days of safari in Tanzania and Botswana
  • Spend three days exploring the endless realm of the Serengeti, evocative grassland home to the great wildebeest migration and an incredible assortment of predators
  • Start the Safari in Ngorongoro Crater, a compact volcanic caldera that’s home to almost the complete tick list of famous African mammals, including the rare black rhino
  • Canoe along the enchanting waterways of the Okavango Delta, the sublime oasis in the heart of Botswana’s Kalahari Desert
  • Explore Moremi Game Reserve on thrilling game drives, seeking out how life is different in its myriad of habitats
  • Wind through Chobe National Park and marvel at the world’s largest elephant collection, up to 100,000 of the pachyderms found in the vicinity
  • Celebrate exclusivity with three nights in the Linyanti Concession, a private reserve sharing unfenced borders with Botswana’s parks
  • Savor new angles with a walking safari guided by local bushmen and a nighttime game drive guided by moonlight
  • Complete the immersion in nature’s power with two nights at Victoria Falls, lounging along the mighty Zambezi River



(Day 1): Karatu – Welcome to Africa

(Day 2): Ngorongoro Crater – An Iconic Caldera of Famous Animals

(Day 3): Southern Serengeti – Across the Endless Grass Plains

(Day 4): Central Serengeti – Lions Surveying Their Kingdom

(Day 5): Central Serengeti – Following the Great Wildebeest Migration

(Day 6): Seronera to Dar es Salaam – Luxury on the Coast

(Day 7): Johannesburg to Okavango Delta – Exploring Vivid Waterways

(Day 8): Okavango Delta – Canoe Safari in the Great Oasis

(Day 9): Linyanti Concession – The Elephants of Chobe National Park

(Day 10): Linyanti Concession – Exclusive Walking Safari

(Day 11): Linyanti Concession – Iconic Big Game Memories in a Private Concession

(Day 12): Victoria Falls – Confronting Nature’s Power

(Day 13): Victoria Falls – Lounging Along the Zambezi

(Day 14): Victoria Falls to Livingstone – Departure


An African safari is never static, every moment of every day doused in unpredictability and raw experiences. Each destination is different, even if they share unfenced borders with each other. Landscapes in Eastern and Southern Africa are extremely diverse, but they’re all defined by nature’s spell. This handcrafted itinerary has been designed to combine the most exceptional of the continent’s safari destinations, connecting the iconic realms and providing a very rounded experience. You’ll spend nine full days on safari and explore five unique destinations, each with its specialty and style. Admire millions of migrating mammals on the Serengeti plains, explore the forest haven for 100,000 elephants, weave along waterways in traditional mokoro canoes, and discover how Africa has so much more than the big five. Combining Tanzania and Botswana, this luxury vacation reveals the very best of an African safari.


Both countries are wild and rugged, extending across a mammoth scale. Tanzania’s soil is volcanic and fertile, illustrated by the seemingly endless grasslands of the Serengeti. These are open landscapes with exceptional visibility; the safari experience defined by herds that number tens of thousands of individuals. A day in the Ngorongoro Crater offers an indelible safari introduction, the compact caldera delighting in its big game diversity. You’ll quickly see the famous mammals, including various lion pride and often-elusive black rhino. Three days in the Serengeti immerses you in scale, the safari tracking the movements of the great wildebeest migration. It’s a landscape that feels as fictitious as the Lion King, such profuse life found in such an open untouched land.

Travel to Botswana, and the views aren’t quite as open, but that doesn’t mean the landscapes are any less abundant. The safari develops an enhanced intimacy as you explore mystical waterways and evocative woodlands. First, explore the Okavango Delta, an oasis of life in the heart of the Kalahari. Migrants arrive from across the scorched plains to drink and traveling by water always brings a surprise: zebra herds sipping, leopards lurking, giraffe meandering, hippos clashing. Move into Chobe National Park where nearly 100,000 elephants rove through the forest, then onto the exclusive Linyanti Concession, a relaxed haven where you can sit and wait for a procession of wildlife to come to you. These are Botswana’s premier safari destinations, a rich contrast from the grasslands of the Serengeti.

Nature’s drama is unveiled at every turn, and there’s always a fresh angle. In Linyanti, enjoy the thrill of both walking and nighttime safaris, chances to complete the jigsaw of life in the African wilderness. Then there’s a final treat as your adventure concludes–after a journey of adventure spend two nights along the serene Zambezi River, just a few miles from Victoria Falls. There’s still plenty of wildlife here, but the experience is more focused on a fitting finale to nature’s untrammeled power. This itinerary is ideal from late May to September, coinciding with the dry season in Tanzania and the flooding of the Okavango Delta. However, it’s suitable throughout most of the year.


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