A Stunning, Off the Beaten Path China Tour

This private tour takes you to the awe-inspiring parts of China that most toursists don’t see.  From the unique Red Lands in Dongchuan to the endless serenity of a Himalayan monastery, China is a land of stunning beauty. With China’s rapid modernization at an unprecedented pace, we recommend visiting these off-the-beaten path destinations…before they are changed forever.  Whether you’re interested by her incomparable scenery or her captivating citizenry, her storied past or her exciting future, there’s just no time to embark on this China journey like the present.




  1. Climb the serpentine paths of the unforgettable rice terraces in Longsheng, including the famous “Dragon’s Backbone” of Longi
  2. Marvel at the incomparable beauty of the sun setting over the Chinese landscape at the iconic Red Lands in Dongchuan
  3. Experience a day in the life of rural Chinese in Shuanglang Village, where you can try the local food and delight at the local wares of craftsmen and artisans
  4. Trek through the breathtaking Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the deepest chasms on Earth, cutting a deep rift through the Himalayas more than 10,000 feet deep
  5. Stand in awe at the Songzanlin Monastery, the largest Buddhist monastery in Yunnan and one of the most important religious buildings in the entire country


  • Spend a day in bustling Shanghai touring some of her finest attractions, like the Shanghai World Finance Center and the astounding Shanghai Maglev Train, before turning south to explore the cultural hubs of the Yunnan Province
  • Tour graceful Guilin, where you’ll be taken in by the stunning scenery, like Moon Hill and the Li River, and the incredible cultural offerings, highlighted by a performance composed by the choreographer of the Opening Ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics
  • Explore charming Kunming, from the Giant Panda Garden to the otherworldly formations at the Stone Forest to the vibrant scene at the city’s flower market
  • Visit the graceful Yuantong Monastery, Dali Old Town and the transcendent Three Pagodas at Dali, while you spend your nights in one of the finest hotels in the province
  • Get a bit of culture in Dali and Lijiang, where you’ll learn about the lifestyles and traditions of some of southwest China’s ethnic populations, like the Bai and Naxi peoples
  • Marvel at your surroundings in Linjiang, from the climbing heights of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to the placid surface of Black Dragon Pool to the Old Town of Lijiang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Head to Baisha to view the murals of the village monastery, the beloved camellia tree of the Yufeng Tibetan Monastery and a singular production by one of China’s most famous choreographers and directors
  • Pass through the mighty Himalayas, the “Abode of the Snows” that forms the backbone of Tibet, and take in the soaring heights of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
  • Enjoy two days in the peaceful meadows of Shangri-La County, where you’ll find caring people, fine handcrafts, and incredible architecture



(Day 1): International Dateline—Departure
(Day 2): Shanghai —Arrival in China
(Day 3): Shanghai to Guilin—Cultural Tour, High-Speed Train Ride and Flight to Guilin
(Day 4): Guilin—Art and Li River Scenery Cruise
(Day 5): Guilin to Kunming —Pandas, Rice Terraces and Flight to Kunming
(Day 6): Kunming—Visit the Stone Forest and Explore the Capital of Yunnan
(Day 7): Kunming—Yuantong Temple and the Red Lands Dongchuan
(Day 8): Kunming to Dali—Travelling to Dali
(Day 9): Dali— Discovering Dali
(Day 10): Dali to Lijiang— Shop at the Shaping Monday Market  and Visit Shaxi Old Town on the way to Lijiang
(Day 11): Lijiang – Exploring Old Town Lijiang and Learn about the Naxi People
(Day 12): Lijiang— Visit the Baisha Village and Attend a Renowned Cultural Show
(Day 13): Lijiang to Shangri-La— Journey to this Legendary Region
(Day 14): Shangri-La— Visit Yunnan’s Largest Tibetan Buddhist Monastery
(Day 15): Shangri-La to Shanghai— Back to the Modern China
(Day 16): Shanghai to Home— Departure from China


With the rapid spread of capitalism and the incredible rate of development, China is a country undergoing massive and profound economic, political and social change, change which has propelled the country forward but which has also, at times, lead to a devaluation of the country’s historical sites. This trip is designed to give travelers special access to China’s unbeaten path, natural beauty, and its economic growth.


This 16-day tour will show you all of the hidden gems of this ancient and august country, giving you the chance to take in some of China’s lesser-known sights before they disappear forever, from the cultural offerings of some of China’s most fascinating ethnic groups to the natural wonders and human achievements that mark this incredible part of the world.

Land in Shanghai before turning south to the mountainous province of Yunnan, where you’ll experience the remains of some of the country’s oldest and proudest cultural traditions, from the embroidery and matriarchal social structure of the Naxi to the colorful garb and unique abodes of the Bai.

Visit some of the largest and most significant Buddhist structures in the region at the temple of Shizhong and the monasteries of Yufeng and Songzanlin, and feast your eyes upon the natural wonders that dot the province, from the sky-high summit of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to the steep-sloped cliffs of the Leaping Tiger Gorge. And, of course, you’ll stay in the finest hotels along the way, savoring luxurious spa treatments and feasting on some of the finest cuisine in the region.


This is a country filled with culture and commerce, knee-deep in the development that has helped push it to the forefront of the world’s attention. The chances to meet these incredible people, to cast your eye upon the unspoiled countryside, and to immerse yourself in the ageless traditions of the region are quickly dwindling, soon to be lost to the hordes of new visitors and the pressures of growth. So start making your plans: for while these hidden gems of China may be waiting for you, they won’t be waiting for long.


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