The Great Zebra Migration Across the Kalahari

Experience Africa’s greatest secret with this unique immersion in Botswana’s zebra migration. Approximately 30,000 sets of hooves kick up dust and splash through the floodplains as they journey south in the early months of the year. Watch the action unfold from private verandahs, get up close with walking safaris, game drive past galloping herds, and discover the chaperoning big cats. But don’t go telling everyone. This surreal phenomenon is blissfully devoid of other tourists.



  • Experience a remarkable and rare phenomenon by following the zebra migration across three distinct wildlife reserves
  • Spend three days on the edge of the Okavango, exploring floodplains and finding your own private piece of wilderness
  • Marvel at the huge zebra herds that maraud across the Nxai Pan, the action often visible from your private verandah
  • Ensure you get an array of angles by tailoring a wonderful combination of game drives, walking safaris, and even horseback safaris
  • Witness authentic hunting scenes as a smorgasbord of predators accompany the 30,000 zebra on their annual journey
  • Journey south to the stunning Makgadikgadi Pans and finish your trip where the zebra do, at the irrefutable Boteti River
  • Quad bike across the shimmering Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and discover a lunar-like landscape that defies the eyes


(Day 1): First Glimpses at Botswana’s Abundant Wildlife

(Day 2): Game Drives Through the Okavango Floodplains

(Day 3): Exploring the Lush Okavango Waterways

(Day 4): Huge Herds Marauding Across the Nxai Pan

(Day 5): Walking Safari and Thrilling Proximity

(Day 6): Big Cat Action and Endless Vistas

(Day 7): Following the Zebra to Makgadikgadi

(Day 8): Lost on the Shimmering Salt Pans

(Day 9): Final Safari Memories and Indelibly Dramatic Scenes

(Day 10): Farewell to Africa’s Best Kept Secret



Most people have heard of the great wildebeest migration. But few know about Africa’s second migration. As the Kalahari plains start to flood they’re transformed into a mystical blanket of lush grasslands and marauding hooves. Zebra, numbering 25,000, thunder across this evocative landscape, splashing up water and kicking up dust as they cross the Makgadikgadi Pans and Nxai Pans. Of course they’re not alone. Blue wildebeest keep them company, hoping for safety in numbers. But a prowling assortment of big cats provides a dramatic escort, picking off the young and old. Scavengers are also in attendance, ensuring nature’s seasonal floods benefit all. This unique phenomenon is one of Southern Africa’s top safari highlights and can be enjoyed between January and May each year.

This unique itinerary combines three hypnotic landscapes, taking you on a journey from the southern Okavango plains to the flooded Nxai, and to the shimmering salt pans of Makgadikgadi. Where will the zebra be? That depends when the thunderous clouds unload and when the fresh grazing lands begin to shimmer. Each destination provides a plethora of safari experiences, revealing the migration from increasingly thrilling angles. Game drives allow you to follow the herds as they traverse the fertile grounds. Walking safaris bring you to an almost fearful proximity, while aerial journeys supply surreal panoramas of the action.


Luxury camps offer endless views of the action, allowing you to open the curtains and gaze out on one of nature’s most unbelievable phenomena. You have three nights in each destination and can tailor a personal itinerary that combines a blend of experiences. There’s no need to rush anything. The multi-day, multi-park itinerary offers a real submersion in the action. So relax, respond to the migration’s movements, and soak up the serenity and the drama.

One thing you won’t see is thousands of tourists. Botswana’s zebra migration is a well kept secret and attracts nothing like the crowds of the Serengeti. Animals cross rivers without having to contend with dozens of budding photographers, and hunting lions aren’t interrupted by safari trucks. In fact, the migration went unnoticed until GPS tracking alerted conservationists to the 360 mile return journey.

Supplementing the migration is the all year round wonders of the Kalahari and Okavango. Lavish vistas extend in every direction, majestic scenes unfold from your private verandah, and an inimitable soundtrack accompanies alfresco dining. Explore flooded channels that teem with hippo pods. Be amused by elephant antics at permanent waterholes. Eat breakfast beside grazing herds. It’s unlikely that you’ll be publicizing what you’ve experienced. Most people that witness this extravagant spectacle will want to maintain its blissful anonymity.


  • Horseback Riding / Outdoor Adventures / Safari / Wildlife

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