In the Footsteps of Martin Luther: 500-Year Anniversary of Protestant Reformation Tour

To commemorate the 500-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, this custom tailored tour follows in the footsteps of Martin Luther, the main driving force behind the Reformation. From visiting the church where he posted his 95 Theses, officially starting the Reformation in 1517, to savoring German craft beer perfected by monks living in a historic monastery on the Alps, the life of Martin Luther has cast a distinct path through German history and beyond. From Berlin to Munich, and the preserved medieval villages in between, retrace the steps that have had a profound impact on world history.



  • Stand in the doorway of Schlosskirche, the church where Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses, marking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation
  • Tour Lutherhaus, the home where Martin Luther spent most of his adult life, and where he wrote his 95 Theses in protest of the Catholic Church’s practice of selling indulgences to pardon sin
  • Bask in the beauty, charm, and luxury of 4 and 5-star accommodations while following the Luther Trail, spending a night at the fascinating 1,000-year-old Wartburg Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where Martin Luther hid in exile and translated the Bible from Latin into German


  • Visit the Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt where Luther became a monk, where he promised to join the clergy if he survived a deadly thunderstorm
  • Embark on a privately-guided tour of the UNESCO-designated Luther memorials in Eisleben and Wittenberg, visiting the house where Martin Luther was born and the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, where he was baptized
  • Stroll through the fairytale streets of Rothenburg on a Night Watchman Tour, where your guide stands in full medieval attire, regaling you with tales of their heroic ancestors in the Middle Ages
  • Wander along the marvelously preserved Merchant’s Bridge, a medieval stone bridge whose style is only one of two still in existence, the other being the Ponte Vecchio in Florence
  • Enter the home of Johannes Sebastian Bach, one of the greatest composers of classical music, and learn how Lutheran chorale became the basis of much of Bach’s work in the extensive Bach Museum
  • Enjoy 5 privately-guided tours of Berlin, Wittenberg, and Munich with an expert guide in the history of the Reformation as well as World War I, World War II, and the Cold War
  • Savor German beer at Andechs Monastery, where Benedictine monks have perfected their craft and recipe since the mid-15th century



(Day 1): Berlin – Arrive in Berlin and Enjoy an Introductory Tour and River Cruise

(Day 2): Berlin – Discover Berlin on a Cold War, World War II, and Reformation Tour

(Day 3): Wittenberg – Transfer to Wittenberg to Visit Schlosskirche Church, Lutherhaus, and a Preserved Medieval Town with an Optional Brewery Tour

(Day 4): Eisleben and Erfurt – Traverse Martin Luther’s Birthplace and Explore Historic Erfurt

(Day 5): Eisenach – Venture to Eisenach to Wander Along the Preserved Past

(Day 6): Rothenburg – Visit Lively Würzburg en route to Touring Lovely Rothenburg

(Day 7): Augsburg – Follow the Romantic Road to Reach the Town of Augsburg

(Day 8): Munich – Relish Past and Present Munich with a Privately Guided Tour

(Day 9): Munich – Enjoy an English Garden, Nymphenburg Castle, and the Charming Neighborhoods of Munich

(Day 10): Munich – Depart for Home



In 1517, Martin Luther changed the course of history by posting his 95 Theses, which sparked a debate within the Catholic Church. Your customizable tour follows in the footsteps of Luther to discover the history of Germany and the path that the people and churches took before and after the pious monk nailed his arguments to the door of the Schlosskirche Church. Your discovery begins with your arrival in Berlin. Your private transfer greets you at the airport and escorts you to the heart of the city to check into the comforts of your gorgeous hotel. Your guide greets you in the lobby and leads you on an introductory tour of the city, viewing the Brandenburg Gate and East Side Gallery before stepping aboard a Spree River Cruise. The tour ends in the Parliament building with a view of the glass cupola.

Optional: If your flight lands early, you can visit the celebrated Boros Bunker, home to a stunning display of contemporary art inside a surviving World War II bunker.


On the second day, you set out into Berlin once again with your guide, stepping back in history with the most recent events first. Embark on a Cold War tour of the Berlin Wall before visiting monuments and sites connected to the rise and fall of the Third Reich. You continue deep into history at the German Historical Museum to view the special exhibition of the Luther Effect, a gallery illustrating how Martin Luther’s teachings spread across Germany and the world. The next day, your private transfer escorts you from Berlin to Wittenberg. Explore the church portal immortalized by Luther’s act of defiance and visit the monastery and home of the Luther family before stepping into St. Mary’s Church.

Optional: Take a brewery tour of Brauhaus to learn about monks in Western Europe and their deep, important connection to beer.

Travel through the historic lands of the Reformation, beginning at Eisleben, the birthplace of Martin Luther, as well as the home where Martin Luther passed away. Visit the monk’s birthplace and the various churches that are connected to the protestant cause. Travel to Erfurt by private transfer to enjoy the enchanting medieval architecture. Visit the Merchant’s Bridge and the Augustinian Monastery. Then, your private transfer escorts you to Eisenach to a welcoming hotel in view of the stunning Wartburg Castle. Enjoy a tour that takes you through the fabulous castle grounds before visiting the Lutherhaus and Museum. The town is also home to Johannes Sebastian Bach, offering insight into one of the most famous names of Classical Music.


Next, your private transfer escorts you to Rothenburg, stopping first in the medieval town of Würzburg. Enjoy the historical charm and the youthful ambiance of the university. After reaching Rothenburg, you can relish the treasure chest of medieval preservation. After dinner, you embark on the Night Watchman of Rothenburg Tour, following a medieval knight in authentic dress through the lanes of the city.

Optional: Extend your time in the area to visit Nuremberg, once the Imperial City during the Middle Ages.

On day seven, you follow the Romantic Road to Augsburg. The gorgeous scenery leads to the medieval villages of Dinkelsbühl and Nördlingen. Upon reaching Augsburg, you explore the extraordinary wealth of the Fugger Family and the lingering effect Martin Luther and the Reformation made on the city.

Travel to Munich, with a stop at the Andechs Monastery along the way. During your visit to the monastery, you can sample an array of beers the monks have brewed for centuries. Spend time in the luxuries of your hotel overlooking Viktualienmarkt Square before exploring the cobbled streets and Mediterranean-like atmosphere of a city sitting on the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.

Optional: On day nine, you can visit the Dachau Concentration Camp for insight into the lives of those interned during World War II. You can also spend time with the unique art collections inside Pinakothek der Moderne.

Your Munich tour takes you through the English Garden and grandeur of the Nymphenburg Castle. Discover the charming neighborhood of the capital of Germany before indulging in the culinary splendors of a local restaurant.

On the final day, your private transfer meets you at the hotel and escorts you to Munich Airport for your flight home.


Optional: Extend your Germany tour and spend:

  • Two days in Leipzig and Dresden to witness magnificent architecture and remarkable canyons.
  • Two days at Neuschwanstein Castle and the Bavarian Alps to find stunning mountain peaks and fairytale castles.
  • Two Days in Mainz and the Rhine Valley to view the Gutenberg Press and marvelous scenery of vineyards and shimmering riverbanks.


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  1. Such an amazing itinerary. Great idea to be able to follow the life of someone who changed the world in such an important way.


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