Best of Germany Tour 2017-2018

Beneath Germany’s facade of efficiency is a land of originality and charm. Medieval towns are wrapped around forests with fairytale castles surrounded by villages doused in tradition. Across this proud land, you’ll discover a crossroads of ideas and styles, every destination revelling in its individuality. Step behind the stereotypes on this 12-day luxury tour to experience the best of Germany and you will find a country proud of its quirks and surrealist design.



  • Wander the trail of history with two nights in Berlin, a city that evolved from the Prussian heartbeat to a symbol of division, now a remarkable ode to unity
  • Explore Germany’s fabulous palaces and castles, from the home of King Ludwig to the medieval remains along the River Rhine
  • Journey into the baroque wonders of Dresden, where sublime architecture reveals an expressive history
  • Cruise along the River Rhine and drive through the fabled Black Forest, two of Europe’s most picturesque landscapes
  • Savor two nights in Munich, home to famous beer halls and atmospheric royal palaces
  • Revel in the history of Germany’s ancient towns including Rothenburg, Heidelberg, and the fairytale world of Hamelin
  • Take an intriguing look at the divide between East and West, both along the remains of the Wall and at the Mödlareuth Open Air Museum
  • Discover all of Germany’s architectural styles, from neoclassic palaces to Renaissance towns, Baroque opera houses to Gothic cathedrals



(Day 1): Frankfurt – A Sublime Welcome to Germany

(Day 2): Frankfurt to Cologne – Cruising along the River Rhine to an Ancient City

(Day 3): Hamelin to Hamburg – A Fairytale Town and the Gateway to the World

(Day 4): Berlin – The Landmarks of the Old East and West

(Day 5): Berlin – Free Day in Berlin

(Day 6): Dresden – Baroque Wonders along the Elbe

(Day 7): Mödlareuth to Bayreuth to Nuremberg – Divided Germany and the Fabled Icons of Nuremberg

(Day 8): Rothenburg to Munich – Germany’s Finest Medieval Town and the Bavarian Capital

(Day 9): Munich – Exquisite Sites and Famous Beer Halls

(Day 10): Neuschwanstein to Black Forest – King Ludwig’s Castle and Sublime Landscapes

(Day 11): Heidelberg to Frankfurt – Cuckoo Clocks, a Renaissance Castle, and a Baroque Town

(Day 12): Frankfurt – Departure



It is easy to mistake the stereotypes of modern Germany with notions of its past. From medieval villages to neoclassical palaces, crumbling fortresses to Renaissance towns, Germany hides a delightful past. It’s not just the architecture and landscapes that come from a distant era, step inside some towns and you’re completely enveloped in the atmosphere of yesteryear. And what diversity! Confounding the preconception of a monotone culture, Germany takes you on a riveting journey where every destination is an absolute alternative to the last. This unique luxury itinerary connects the most inspiring of the dots, offering a handcrafted trip into a patchwork of surprise.


Begin and end in Frankfurt, a city where the old and new collides with remarkable harmony. Cruise along the River Rhine, rolling past medieval castles to the majestic spires of Cologne Cathedral, markers of an old city doused in color and cobbles. Continue through Lower Saxony, stopping off at poetic Hamelin and entering Hamburg, the self-proclaimed Gateway to the World. Spend a couple of days in Berlin, a capital whose attractions blend the sublime and surreal. Fabulous palace complexes and artistic treasures meet the historical resonance of the Iron Curtain with the togetherness of a modern city.


Stay to the east as you travel down to Dresden, its Baroque wonders juxtaposed with colorful graffiti and urban character. Move onwards into the charms of Bavaria, stopping to discover the mystique of Mödlareuth, Nuremberg, and Rothenburg. Munich is the next stop, a relaxed city filled with fine museums, beautiful gardens, and the fabled beer halls. As in Berlin, a free day gives you an opportunity to tailor the sights to your interests. Skirting across Southern Germany, return to Frankfurt via the Black Forest. Castles hang above valleys of green while Renaissance fortresses stand beneath the imposing backdrop of the Alps. It is serene and spacious, an almost wild land that presents an immersive look at the landscapes of Europe’s past.

This private tour includes five-star hotels and a specialist driver guide. Most journeys are by saloon vehicle, other than those along the River Rhine.   There are many other tours of Germany, so be to sure to enjoy all of the options for your trip of a lifetime.


  • Cultural / Architecture / Educational / Historical Sites / Museums & Galleries / World Heritage Sites / Photography / Scenic Drive / Small Towns / Villages / Walking Tours / Gardens

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