Getting Lost in Botswana’s Wilderness Tour: Makgadikgadi, Kalahari & Nxai Pan

Botswana’s immense wilderness seems to stretch on forever. There are no roads, no people, and no settlements. There are just untamed landscapes and abundant wildlife, evocative paintings and the calls of the wild. Lose yourself in Botswana’s beauty and gently slip into its inimitable rhythm. Suitably relaxed? Now watch as nature’s beguiling spell slowly unfolds before your eyes.



  • Explore the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, an immense dusty plain that’s controlled by black-maned lions and filled with nature’s great mammals
  • Head off on a quad bike and lose yourself in the vast open spaces of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans
  • Spend an intimate day with San Bushmen and learn all about life in the wilderness and wander into lion country on a thrilling walking safari experience, and then discover the nocturnal Kalahari world on a nighttime game drive
  • Gaze out across the surreal Nxai Pan and watch the wildlife slowly approach a waterhole beside your private verandah
  • Take private flights and savor the sights from the air, before landing on tiny airstrips that are deep in the wilderness
  • Spend ten days lost in the untamed world of central Botswana, with nature’s hypnotic spell keeping you company at all times



(Day 1): Makgadikgadi – Welcome to the Wilderness

(Day 2): Makgadikgadi – Quad Bike Adventures Through the Salt Pans

(Day 3): Makgadikgadi – Intimate Experiences with San Bushmen

(Day 4): Central Kalahari – Welcome to the Lions’ Kingdom

(Days 5 – 7): Central Kalahari – Getting Lost in the Kalahari

(Day 8): Nxai Pan – Watching the Wildlife go by in Nxai Pan

(Day 9): Nxai Pan – Exploring the Nxai Pan

(Day 10): Maun – Returning to Civilization


World maps struggle to do justice to Botswana’s size. If it were a country, the Kalahari Desert would rank as the 30th largest in the world. Makgadikgadi covers an area the size of Switzerland. It’s a place of limited landmarks. Perhaps you’re heading to a lion rock, a sandy break in the pans, or a waterhole without a name. But most of the time you don’t have a destination, so how do you get lost?  That’s and pretty much automatic as you become immersed in these vast landscapes. Drive a quad bike for hours, and you’ll see nothing but beautiful mirages on the salt pans. Go on a game drive, and there isn’t another safari truck for miles. This unique itinerary is all about surrounding yourself with nature and discovering an untamed world that couldn’t be any further from where you came.


Arrive at Maun International Airport and take a private flight out to the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. This area was once a lake. Now it’s shriveled and left behind a white wonderland that shimmers beneath the burning sun. Mirages dance all the way to the horizon, and hidden beneath them are elephant trails, meerkat gangs, and nocturnal burrows. Spend a day exploring it by quad bike and then wander through the wilderness with indigenous Bushmen, learning survival tips from the experts. Starry skies and alfresco dining make for idyllic evenings, while your luxury camp harmoniously blends into the natural environment.

After three days in Makgadikgadi fly over to the Central Kalahari, a vast dusty land that’s ruled by majestic black-maned lions. Indulge in the serenity of your luxury camp and sit back as a succession of wildlife roams past your private verandah. Perhaps a lonely elephant bull searching for water, a scampering cheetah seeking out a meal, or a herd of kudu with their senses on full alert. Spend four nights here exploring the animal kingdom with a range of game drives, guided walks, and night safaris. The Kalahari isn’t where you’ll find giant herds or lush grassland. It can be a brutal and desolate place, and that only makes this safari tour to Botswana more thrilling. Lion prides won’t let a zebra herd pass by easily. Hyenas and wild dogs track antelopes for hours. And then you find a diminishing water hole and a flurry of wild game aggressively trying to take a drink. This is the world’s second largest game reserve, so expect to be all alone yet in the middle of the action.


Another flight takes you to Nxai Pan, the plane swooping low over the landscape and the safari adventure continuing from the air. Sit back and watch the natural world unfurl from your verandah, an open waterhole bringing animals to within meters of your luxury camp. In this flat open space, there is nowhere to hide, so you won’t have to travel far to see the wild game. Elephants and antelopes slowly march across a glistening salt pan, while the big-toothed predators wait for the dinner menu to be presented. Like each day on this itinerary, there will be individual moments that capture your imagination. However, the overriding beauty comes from your absolute immersion in the untamed wilderness.


  • Cultural / National Park / Reserve / Nature / Outdoor Adventures / Safari / Wildlife

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