Exclusive Okavango Safari: Premium Lodges & Unique Activities

This dreamy Okavango safari blends decadence with authentic wildlife experiences. Relax with soothing massage treatments while watching buffalos roam; lion prides reveal themselves on a nighttime safari, as elephants march across the Delta. Featuring private concessions, opulent camps, and unique activities, this 11-day adventure showcases why the Okavango is Africa’s most revered luxury safari destination. It’s a journey of indulgence through one of the world’s greatest wildernesses.



  • Relax in stylish luxury at the Okavango’s most exclusive camps, where private plunge pools overlook hippos and everything is boutique
  • Discover the wonder of the Delta from every angle with a very diverse collection of safari activities, with each day tailored to your individual interests
  • Walk alongside elephants then ride the enormous pachyderms across the Okavango, a unique vantage point for taking in the surreal landscape
  • Explore the private Chitabe Concession, located in the illustrious big-game heart of the Okavango ecosystem, a place where encounters with the big cats are part of the everyday
  • Surround yourself with water in the west of the Delta, where a decadent camp is hidden amongst the serenity of the wilderness
  • Complete the safari with three days in Selinda, one of Africa’s most authentic and exclusive private concessions, a place that’s stunningly remote and overflowing with wildlife
  • Connect the wildernesses on light aircraft, every journey offering supreme aerial views and maximizing your time on safari



(Day 1): Maun to Southern Okavango – Boutique Luxury in the Heart of the Wilderness

(Day 2): Southern Okavango – Riding Elephants Across the Okavango

(Day 3): Southern Okavango – Walking Safari and Okavango Game Drives

(Day 4): Chitabe Concession – The Thrilling Big-Game Heart of the Delta

(Day 5): Chitabe Concession – Private Concession Safari Including a Nighttime Game Drive

(Day 6): Western Okavango – Indulgence Amongst the Hidden Waterways

(Day 7): Western Okavango – Iconic Water-Based Activities and Walking Safaris

(Days 8 – 10): Selinda Concession – Dreamy and Diverse Safari in an Exclusive Concession

(Day 11): Selinda Concession – Departure



Two compelling, yet contrasting, angles make the Okavango one of Africa’s ultimate luxury safari destinations. Stretching for endless miles across Botswana, this is one of the world’s greatest wildernesses, where the authenticity of safari is at its best. You don’t come to see a few animals. You come to be enveloped by a wildlife world and admire all the surreal interactions between the various herds and species. This is nature, untouched and untamed. At the same time, the Delta has developed into a destination of indulgence and decadence. Hidden amongst the waterways are luxurious camps that lead the continent in terms of the quality of accommodation. It’s where private plunge pool overlooks hippo-filled lagoons, butlers bring everything you need to a personal terrace, and the suites are unlike anything you will have seen before.

Using four distinctive destinations and exclusive camps, this safari blends the very best of the luxury Okavango experience. Start in the south at Abu Camp, one of Africa’s most illustrious properties. You’ll be riding elephants across the Delta, settling into the charm of the wild, and enjoying contemporary luxuries despite being hundreds of miles from the modern world. Abu is a great introduction, with the first three days easing you into Botswana while still delivering a continual roll of thrilling wildlife encounters.


Moremi Game Reserve is well regarded as one of the finest safari destinations in Africa and is almost unbeatable for big-game experiences. But it’s crowded with visitors. You’re not staying here. Instead, you spend a couple of days in the exclusive Chitabe Concession, which borders Moremi on three sides. There are no fences and animals move freely, so you’ll be immersed in the wonders of the Okavango’s big-game centerpiece. However, in Chitabe, there won’t be any other visitors interrupting the experience. There’s hardly another person for miles, and the legendary Chitabe Camp is the perfect base for taking exciting game drives during the day and night.

Every delta is defined by water, so the next few days take you to the west of the Okavango, where Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp is hidden away amongst permanent lagoons and waterways. The only way to get around is by water, either in traditional dugout mokoro canoes or motorboats. You’ll experience the serenity and subtlety of the landscape, along with another wonderfully indulgent camp. Like each camp on your safari, there are less than ten rooms and a firm focus is placed on the exclusivity of the experience. You’ll get to individualize every safari day, tailoring the activities to your interests.

Completing the safari are three days in the Selinda Concession, another exclusive enclave with a rich abundance of wildlife. This is where lion prides battle with buffalos, and ten resident leopards hide in their lair. Zarafa Camp feels like a boutique five-star hotel in the wild, yet uses marquee-style tented suites to ensure your immersion in nature isn’t interrupted. Owned by a world-renowned wildlife filmmaker, it has a dreamy location and a complete set of safari activities.

These four remote destinations are connected by light aircraft, with tiny planes swooping above the water and touching down in the heart of nowhere. All meals are included, and you can expect a supreme quality, as Zarafa Camp is a Relais & Chateaux property. An extensive drinks list is part of the offer, and there’s nothing quite like uncorking a vintage South African Pinotage as a herd of elephants plays in the water below. This is a safari of indulgence, yet wherever you are, the enchantment of Africa’s nature massages all your senses.


  • Cultural Activities / Leisure / Ecotourism / National Park / Reserve / Nature / Outdoor Adventures / Safari / Wildlife

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