Unbeaten Path of Italy Tour: Discovering Cinque Terre, Lake Garda & Venice

Escape from the crowd and see a different side of Italy during your custom tailored tour of Cinque Terre, Lake Garda, and Venice. The trails of the Italian Riviera hide beneath lush oak and fern forest as medieval castles rise out of rocky promontories that overlook the cobalt water of the lake. Historical neighborhoods of Venice remain frozen in time and from the secluded beaches to the hidden local wine bars, the fresh pasta to the impressive panoramas; you will travel the shorelines, lakeshores, and canal banks for a one-of-a-kind luxurious Italian experience.



  • Relax on a private yacht tour of the Italian Riviera that leads you to the quiet, overlooked shores of Palmaria Island in view of Portovenere
  • Relish a private cooking course in Monterosso overlooking the water to learn the art and history behind the fresh pasta, pesto, and seafood of Cinque Terre
  • Sample the wines of Liguria and Cinque Terre during a wine tasting on the hills above Monterosso
  • Learn the art of sailing with a private instructor on the glassy waters of Lake Garda
  • Bask in the magnificent scenery of the Ligurian coast by hiking the trails that crisscross Cinque Terre, including the Trail that connects Levanto to Monterosso
  • Discover the wealth and tastes of the Venetian aristocracy as you cruise down the Brenta Canal and visit historical villas
  • Indulge in the charms of the landscape and culture in the towns that form the Riviera of Lake Garda
  • Enjoy a perfect view of Lake Garda and the intersection of three of Italy’s regions from the vantage point of Monte Baldo
  • Discover the hidden culture, neighborhoods, and wine bars of Venice during a tour dedicated to the local beauty and history of the city



(Day 1): Monterosso – Arrive on the Ligurian Coast and the Villages of Cinque Terre

(Day 2): Monterosso – Travel Off the Beaten Path with a Hike to Levanto

(Day 3): Monterosso – Enjoy a Day Cruise and Exploration of Palmaria Island

(Day 4): Monterosso – Discover the Charms of Cinque Terre and a Cooking Class

(Day 5): Salo – Travel to Lake Garda and Traverse the Enchanting Lakeshore Towns

(Day 6): Salo – Relish Charming Landscape and Captivating History at Lake Garda

(Day 7): Venice – Visit Padua and Travel the Brenta Canal for a Scenic Ride to Venice

(Day 8): Venice – Enjoy the History, Art, and Culture of Venice on a Full Day Tour

(Day 9): Venice – Depart for Home



The grandeur of the landscape matches the prestige of the Rivieras and Villas along the Ligurian Coast, shores of Lake Garda, and riverbanks of the Brenta Canal. Your 9-day tour will immerse you in the splendor of Italy’s preserved past as it stretches from the Mediterranean to the Adriatic with an exploration of the lesser-visited towns and lesser-known monuments. Your adventure will begin with your arrival at Galileo Galilei Airport in Pisa. Your private transfer will escort you to the town of Monterosso, one of the five towns of Cinque Terre. Relax in the medieval old town or wander the streets of the newer district that run along the hillsides with the remainder of the day at your leisure.

The next day, you will take a short train ride north to the town of Levanto. Stroll along the cobbled streets and into the medieval castle before you take the trail along the coast back to Monterosso. Continue the following day as you board a private yacht at the Monterosso harbor to cruise alongside the coastline. Stop on the island of Palmaria to wander the trails or bask in the sunlight on the perfect beaches, and then return to Monterosso for a private wine tasting of bottles cultivated and produced in the province.


The next day is at your leisure to relish the charms of Cinque Terre at your preferred pace. Linger in a café in Manarola or hike the trails that connect the mountaintop churches of each town before you take on a cooking class in which your instructor will let you in on the secrets of a perfect Ligurian meal. Your private transfer will lead you to the shores of Lake Garda the next day to the lakeside town of Salo where you will explore the streets and step onto a boat for a private lesson in sailing. Move next to the shores of Lake Garda to discover the enchanting villages that overlook the water and take the gondola to the top of Monte Baldo for a panorama of the countryside below.

Travel next to Padua to learn about the diverse history of the riverside town. A water tour will take you down the Brenta Canal alongside the lavish historical Venetian villas. When you reach the Venetian lagoon, your private transfer will meet you and escort you to your luxurious accommodations in the city of Venice. The next day, you will have a full day tour of the city to take in the iconic sites and hidden treasures of the city. Venture past St. Mark’s Square to wander the 15th-century streets and the preserved neighborhoods to find contemporary life and wine bars ingrained in the culture of Venice. Conclude as your private transfer will meet you at your hotel and escort you to Marco Polo Airport for your flight home.


  • Cultural / Cultural Activities / Historical Sites / Landmarks / Local Food / Museums & Galleries / Cooking Classes / Leisure / Palace / Castle / Mansion / Parks / Photography / Scenic Drive / Shopping / Small Towns / Villages / Walking Tours / Wine Tasting / Nature

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