Signature Okavango Wetland Safari: June to September

Few natural spectacles can rival the Okavango Delta; big cats prowling on evocative floodplains, hippos yawning along lush watery channels, and elephants using their trunks as snorkels. Celebrating the very best of the 1,000th UNESCO World Heritage Site, this signature safari is handcrafted for travel from June to September, when the lush waterways provide a dreamy journey through authentic Africa. Expect mokoro canoes, exceptional accommodations, and inspiring wildlife encounters.



  • Explore four private concessions, each offering exceptional big-game safari without any of the peak season Okavango crowds
  • Celebrate safari chic with a handpicked collection of Botswana’s finest accommodations, including a treehouse on Hunda Island and luxurious tented camps that immerse you in the wilderness
  • Drift along the waterways in a traditional mokoro canoe, passing thousands of animals coming to the banks to drink
  • Take a motorboat over the spectacular floodplains, a full-day journey that evokes the inspiring scale of the Okavango Delta
  • Game drive across remote islands, where marooned antelopes are chased by a thrilling collection of big cats
  • Watch lions battle with buffalos in the iconic Vumbura Reserve; a contest made more exciting by the rising water levels
  • Search for the legendary wild dogs of Linyanti Concession, be baffled by the abundance of the Vumbura plains and watch the big cats prowl across Shinde Concession
  • Surround yourself with the elephants of the Chobe Forest, then drift through big-game Africa on a Chobe River cruise
  • Complete the safari with another remarkable natural wonder, the roaring Victoria Falls that will be heard before being seen
  • Tailor the program to your mood with a complete mix of water and land-based safari activities, including rare experiences like nighttime drives and walking safaris



(Day 1): Maun to Jao Concession – Treehouse Safari Seclusion on Hunda Island

(Day 2): Jao Concession – A Private Mokoro Journey Across the Floodplains

(Day 3): Jao Concession to Shinde Concession – Spectacular Motorboat Safari Across the Okavango

(Days 4 – 5): Shinde Concession – The Best of Land and Water-Based Big-Game Safari

(Day 6): Vumbura Reserve – Safari Chic in a Legendary Private Reserve

(Days 7 – 8): Vumbura Reserve – Iconic Big Cat Safari on the Floodplains

(Day 9): Linyanti Concession – Surrounded by the Elephants of the Chobe Forest

(Day 10): Linyanti Concession – In Search of Wild Dogs

(Day 11): Linyanti Concession to Livingstone – Morning Game Drive and Cruising the Chobe River

(Day 12): Livingstone – The Wonder of Victoria Falls

(Day 13): Livingstone – Departure


Abundance comes as standard when the Okavango Delta floods. Thousands of hippos yawn, revealing gaping jaws that defy the imagination. Elephants roam in humongous herds, bulldozing a path through the forest en route to the water. Zebras and antelopes are marooned on palm islands, constantly running from resident leopards. Lion prides meet buffalo herds on the floodplains, a battle that’s carefully watched by nomadic hyenas. Wild dogs hunt in packs as sitatungas disappear beneath the water line, poking only their heads above the surface. The Okavango Delta is an astonishing safari destination all year round. But it’s during the high water months of June to September that the world’s largest inland delta is at its most evocative.


Every year the waters rise, creating a natural spectacle that can rival any on the planet. Rainwater falls in the Angola Highlands, then spends four months tumbling down towards the Kalahari Desert. The Okavango River rises, before overflowing, swelling the Delta with the year’s new abundance. There are no roads. Instead, you must travel by light aircraft and motorboat, before staying at camps raised on stilts above the flooded plains. Few places in the world can feel as remote, and the sense of serenity is just one highlight of the safari. Of course, you’re never completely alone. When the water arrives in the desert, animals migrate to enjoy the bounty. The waterways create a surreal sense of untouched Africa, with big cats prowling, herds congregating, and wildlife drama playing out before your eyes.

This signature Okavango safari has been handcrafted for travel between June and September. These months are when the water is at its highest, as well as being peak season for travel to the Okavango. By using four distinctive private concessions, this safari avoids the crowds and ensures a very untouched sense of the Delta. Exceptional camps blend into nature, and you’ll see a huge concentration of wildlife from your private viewing decks. Safari activities complement each other, helping you appreciate the 1,000th World Heritage site from all the angles. Drift silently in traditional mokoro canoes, cross the plains on adventurous motorboat journeys, game drive in the day and night, and walk across islands lost in the flooding.


You start with two nights in the Jao Concession, a place for a true water-based Okavango safari. Cross the lagoons by motorboat, reaching the big-game paradise of Shinde Concession for three days of riveting animal encounters. Then fly north, an aerial journey that celebrates the enormity of the Delta. Vumbura Reserve is legendary across Africa and by spending three days here, you’ll explore the intricacies of predator versus prey battles, on land, and in water. Hidden between the Chobe Forests and Okavango Delta, Linyanti Concession provides a dreamy final safari stop. It’s on the migratory route and it’s always a thrill to see so many animals on the move.

All these concessions are reserved for guests staying at camps within the concession. They’re blissfully quiet without day-tripping visitors, helping to provide a very personal safari experience during peak season travel. Most days allow you to customize the safari program, choosing from the range of activities to discover what you want to see. Then, you cruise along the Chobe River, passing the world’s largest elephant population en route to Livingstone, Zambia. Another remarkable world wonder is in peak flow, and you’ll spend a day amongst the rumble and spray of Victoria Falls.


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