Highlights and Hidden Treasures of Italy Tour

In Italy you find that one person’s daily landscape is another person’s cherished experience. Cathedral cupolas create the Roman skyline, and opulent marble statues decorate a public square in Florence, available for everyone’s viewing. The Gothic Doge’s Palace stands beside St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice creating a powerful, historic ambiance. Your custom tailored Italy tour to Rome, Florence, and Venice embraces the wonderment of these three iconic Italian cities and their magnificent surroundings. From lavish gardens to the impressive museums, romantic cafes to private family corridors, you have the key to the picturesque treasures of Italy.



  • Discover the marvelous artistry and attention to detail needed to establish the grand gardens of Villa d’Este in Tivoli
  • Witness the splendor of color and imagination in the celebrated Sistine Chapel
  • Traverse the secrete halls of the Vasari Corridor used by the Medici Family at their height of power in Florence
  • Indulge in the flavors of Tuscany at a private Renaissance villa in the heart the Chianti region
  • Revel in the marbled allure of Venice with a private guided tour of the city’s more unique artistic treasures
  • Experience the stunning Renaissance artifacts of Florence in Piazza della Signoria, filled with marble statues like an open-air museum



(Day 1): Rome – Arrive in the Eternal City and Enjoy an Evening Walking Tour

(Day 2): Rome – Revel in a Roman Morning and an Afternoon at the Vatican Museum

(Day 3): Rome – Venture to Tivoli for a Guided Tour of Villa d’Este

(Day 4): Florence – Travel to Florence and its Medieval and Renaissance City Center

(Day 5): Florence – Guided Tour of the Vasari Corridor with the Afternoon at Leisure

(Day 6): Florence – Relish a Private Wine Tour in the Tuscan Countryside

(Day 7): Venice – Transfer to the Remarkable and Romantic City on the Lagoon

(Day 8): Venice – Half-Day Walking Tour of Venice Leading to the Ducal Palace

(Day 9): Venice – Discover the Wonders of Venice at your Leisure

(Day 10): Venice – Depart for Home


The majesty of Italy never fades, but only grows stronger in the persistence of Roman ruins and the elegance of Renaissance art, the romance of Venetian Gothic architecture and the shaped grace of Italianate gardens. This 10-day Italy tour to Rome, Florence, and Venice will show you that Italy is much more than just highlights. On this discovery tour, you will go beyond the surface to find the hidden treasures of the cities sure to inspire you. As with many tours of Italy, your journey begins in Rome. Your private transfer awaits your arrival at the Fiumicino Airport and escorts you to your hotel.

Soon, you are settled into your luxurious accommodation located in the historic center of the city. In the evening, you get your bearings of Rome with a self-guided walking tour. The following day, your guide leads you on an orientation tour of the city. Once at the Vatican Museum, you will explore the countless artistic riches of the grounds leading to the Sistine Chapel. Continue your exploration of Rome and its surroundings with a visit to the hillside town of Tivoli, known for Emperor Hadrian’s villa and the picturesque gardens of Villa d’Este.

Your private transfer meets you at the hotel the following day and escorts you to Florence, which is part city, part open-air museum. On your first full day in the city, your guide leads you on a fabulous tour of the hidden halls of the Vasari Corridor, connecting Palazzo Vecchio to Palazzo Pitti across the Arno River. The remainder of the day is yours to enjoy the city, from reveling in an artisan walk to viewing Michelangelo’s David.


Spend a day outside of Florence indulging in a lavish Renaissance villa, basking in the flavors of Chianti, with a stunning view of the Tuscan hills all around you. Travel northbound to the world famous city of Venice to find the architecture reminiscent of the Republic’s glorious past. Your guide leads you on a private half-day walking tour of the city, showcasing the wonders of Venice’s historic center culminating and the Ducal Palace. Your second day in Venice lets you discover the islands and treasured museums of the city at your whim and pleasure, using your guide’s suggestions to explore Murano and Burano or visit some of the lesser-known museums along the Grand Canal. On your final day in Venice, your private transfer will meet you at your hotel and take you to Venice’s Marco Polo Airport for your flight home.


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