Highlights of Turkey and Greece Tour

The tiles of the Blue Mosque capture the afternoon sunlight. The terraced pools of Pamukkale make the mountainside look like an ice palace. The medieval castle at Rhodes encompasses the island’s eclectic history and the Acropolis in Athens continues to captivate visitors from around the world. On this custom tailored tour through Turkey and Greece you will find engrossing history and majestic beaches, treasured ruins and breathtaking landscapes. From large cities to charming villages, you will find the remnants of myths, beautiful scenery, and remarkable culture.



  • Discover the fantastic architecture of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul
  • Explore the iconic Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
  • Venture to historic battlefields and war memorials at Gallipoli
  • Visit the legendary city of Troy and the tremendous ruins at Pergamum
  • Travel to the fabulous ancient ruins of Ephesus
  • Witness the sensational calcite deposits and terraced pools at Pamukkale
  • Traverse the magnificent historic streets of Rhodes
  • Experience the mythological Minoan Palace of Knossos home to the Minotaur
  • See the iconic Parthenon at the top of the Acropolis in Athens

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(Day 1): Welcome to Istanbul, the Capital of Turkey

(Day 2): Enjoy the Treasures of Istanbul on a Full-Day Tour

(Day 3): Visit the History of Gallipoli before your Arrival in Canakkale

(Day 4): Traverse the Ancient Grounds of Legendary Troy

(Day 5): Discover the Ancient Ruins of Ephesus

(Day 6): Revel in the Natural Beauty of Ancient Hierapolis

(Day 7): Transfer to the Greek Island of Rhodes

(Day 8): Explore the Island the Fabled Ruins of Rhodes

(Day 9): Venture to the Exceptional Greek Island of Crete at Heraklion

(Day 10): Tour through Heraklion’s Tremendous History and Mythology

(Day 11): Spend the Day at Leisure to Experience Heraklion

(Day 12): Travel from Crete to Athens, the Birthplace of Western Civilization

(Day 13): Become Acquainted with Athens on a Guided Tour of the City

(Day 14): Depart for Home


Experience the highlights of Turkey and Greece on this 14-day tour through the exceptional history and majestic landscape that has shaped the cultures along the Aegean Sea. From luxurious beaches to unparalleled ancient ruins, vibrant antiquity and colorful bazaars, you will discover fascinating artwork and architecture, indelible flavors, and enchanting villages. Journey through ancient Greek and Roman cities. Witness the remains of Troy. Explore the traditional cafes of Istanbul. In the Turkish hills and on the Greek islands, you will find variety and endless splendor.

Your trip to Turkey and Greece begins with your arrival in Istanbul. The ancient city is filled with tradition that dates back to the Roman Empire. The alleys are bright with shops. The scent of rich, dark roast coffee fills the air. The following day you will have a private half-day tour that will take you from Topkapi Palace to the Blue Mosque, and through the Grand Bazaar. In the evening you have the option to partake in a traditional dinner and Turkish show. In the morning you will make your way to Gallipoli to visit the Anzac Cove and surrounding World War I battlegrounds before you settle in Canakkale.

After breakfast you will make your way to the legendary ruins of Troy. In the afternoon you will come to the amazing ruins at Pergamum, home to the magnificent sanctuary of Asclepion. The ruins of Ephesus provide a deeper look into the ancient Greek world along the Ionian coast. Venture to Pamukkale to witness the exceptional natural calcite hillside that looks as though it is covered in snow. Adjacent to the foothills is the amazing ancient city of Hierapolis. The next day you will transfer to Rhodes and find the luxuries of the Hotel Mediterranean. Enjoy a day at your leisure to explore the island’s ancient and medieval history; stroll through the Acropolis or meander along the castle’s cobblestone streets.

Once in Heraklion, Crete you will have three days to indulge in the Agapi Beach Resort. Spend your time luxuriating in the sand or discovering the city’s majesty, from the Minoan Palace of Knossos to the incredible Archeological Museum. Fly to Athens and have a view of the Acropolis from your hotel room at Athens Gate. A half-day tour will show you the city’s chronicled past, from the contemporary history of Syntagma Square to the city’s Golden Age at the Parthenon. The next morning you will be escorted to the airport for your flight home.

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