Glories of Turkey Tour: A Cultural & Historical Journey

Turkey’s glories span the millennia, from ancient Greek cities to dazzling Roman remains, and from Byzantine treasures to harmonious displays of disparate religious influence. Troy, Istanbul, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Cappadocia; each destination excels in offering new impressions and lingering memories. Cultural and architectural narratives take you across the country, where old-world charm intertwines with Mediterranean beaches and luxury yacht cruising.


  • Soak up the sensual brilliance of Istanbul, a city bursting with unique culture and famous old architecture
  • Seek out some of the planet’s most evocative ancient cities, like the ruins of Troy, remarkable Ephesus, and many memoirs to Greek and Roman empires
  • Golden sand beaches and a luxury Mediterranean yacht cruise provide a change of pace, revealing another side to the glories of Turkey
  • Discover the staggered lime terraces of Pamukkale and spend an afternoon in therapeutic thermal pools
  • Experience the birthplace of the Whirling Dervishes in Konya, a tradition that continues to amaze visitors
  • Soak up Cappadocia’s bizarre landscape of volcanic chimneys and caves; float above it all in a hot air balloon, delve down below into the underground cities, and discover beautiful churches sculpted into the rock
  • Discover unique surprises like 13th century caravansaries, spice markets, and Greco Roman relics standing on isolated hilltops


(Day 1): Welcome to Istanbul

(Day 2): The Glories of Istanbul

(Day 3): Gallipoli War History and Overnight in Canakkale

(Day 4): The Ancient Cities of Troy and Pergamum

(Day 5): Evocative Ruins in Ephesus and Beaches in Kusadasi

(Day 6): The Famous Lime Terraces of Pamukkale and Some Spa Indulgence

(Day 7): Relaxing on the Mediterranean Coastline at Antalya

(Day 8): Luxury Yacht Cruising on the Mediterranean

(Day 9): The Whirling Dervishes of Konya

(Day 10): Underground Cities and Fairytale Landscapes in Cappadocia

(Day 11): Ballooning Above Cappadocia and Exploring Rock Churches

(Day 12): Cultural Narratives in Ankara

(Day 13): Cruising the Bosphorus and the Spices of Istanbul

(Day 14): Departure


Turkey’s land bursts with poignant stories; the wooden horse of Troy, underground cities of Cappadocia, Whirling Dervishes in Konya, the white lime cascades of Pamukkale, 4,000 years of sultans, empires, and glories. It’s virtually unrivaled as an architectural and historical destination, the landscape imbued with hundreds of unique disparate influences. Every day on this handcrafted itinerary is different. From the Greeks to the Romans to the Ottoman times, there’s always a new sense of culture and tradition to explore. That’s supplemented by Turkey’s modern expressions of luxury; golden sand Mediterranean beaches, sailing on a private yacht, salubrious thermal spas, and hot air ballooning. Over two weeks you’ll see ancient cities come alive, explore famous cultures, and discover an endearing atmosphere that’s present throughout.

Your vacation to Turkey starts and ends in Istanbul, where mosques, cathedrals, and palaces, provide the first glimpses of an opulent history. Bazaars and markets offer labyrinthine journeys into spices and antiques, while a gentle Bosphorus cruise takes you along the Europe Asia divide. On days three and four, World War history mixes with the 4,000 year old remains of Troy and the beaches of Kusadasi. After the vast Greek ruins of Ephesus you indulge in the therapeutic spas and whitewashed thermal baths of Pamukkale. Turkey’s destinations are like a jigsaw puzzle of chronicles and each day includes a variety of sights and attractions. For example, in between the renowned wonders, Hierapolis and Perge provide further immersions in ancient empires as you journey east through Turkey.

Change the pace by relaxing on the Mediterranean coastline and soaking up the summer sunshine. An afternoon on the beach is followed by a luxury private yacht cruise on day eight, the sapphire waters twinkling beside deserted sand. Turkey’s traditions maintain their place in the 21st century, epitomized by the Whirling Dervishes of Konya and the cute villages of Cappadocia. To understand their brilliance you must explore their past; vast underground cities, remains of the Silk Road, churches carved into caves and covered in vibrant frescos. Amongst many highlights here, you’ll enjoy a Whirling Dervishes performance in Konya and a hot air balloon ride above the volcanic chimneys of Cappadocia. There’s time to fast forward to modern Turkey in Ankara before you fly back to Istanbul for the final day of your vacation.


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