Best of Turkey Tour 2017: Istanbul, Cappadocia, Kusadasi & More

The inviting atmosphere of Turkey is set within its unique landscape and treasured history. The minarets of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque almost mirror each other in the Istanbul skyline. The ancient city of Ephesus takes you back in time with its classical Ionian architecture. The breathtaking boulders of Cappadocia are colorful and lunar-like. On this custom tailored tour through Turkey you will find the scenery spellbinding and that the exceptional culture emanates from the depths of the country’s history.


  • Witness the detail and artistry of the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque
  • Indulge in the rich culture of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
  • See the lavish architecture and décor of the Ottoman palaces
  • Discover the treasured cave churches and underground villages in Cappadocia
  • Experience the renowned natural landscape of Cappadocia
  • Visit the magnificent ancient metropolis of Ephesus
  • Explore the vast ancient streets of Pergamom, mentioned in the Book of Revelations 


(Day 1): Welcome to the Remarkable City of Istanbul

(Day 2): See Istanbul on a Classic Tour of the City’s Rich History and Culture

(Day 3): Venture through the Spice Bazaar before you Cruise around the Bosphorus

(Day 4): Transfer to the Unique and Inspiring Landscape of Cappadocia

(Day 5): Visit the Goreme Open Air Museum and the Village of Cavusin

(Day 6): Enjoy a Day at Leisure amongst the Remarkable Landscape

(Day 7): Find Yourself in the Grand Port City of Izmir

(Day 8): Explore the Magnificent Ancient Ruins of Ephesus

(Day 9): Revel in the Scenery along the Aegean Sea

(Day 10): Return to Istanbul and Depart for Home


The boulders of Cappadocia reach upward like a field of arrows. The hot springs of ancient Pergamom brought visitors from around the world. Designed for 2017, on this 12-day Turkey tour you will explore cathedrals that were carved into the mountains and visit opulent palaces that sit beside the Bosphorus. Spend time digging your toes into the hot sand on the shores of the Aegean and soar over a majestic landscape in a hot air balloon. The splendor of Turkey is found in everything it contains, from its remarkable history to its wonderful scenery, its treasured culture to its vibrant architecture.

Arrive in Istanbul and feel an immediate welcome. The city is alive with contemporary luxuries and historic culture. Enjoy a half-day tour of the classical sites of the city. From the Hagia Sophia to the Grand Bazaar, you will witness the marvelous architecture and energetic life. The following day you will explore the Bosphorus on a cruise to visit the Ottoman palaces and Rumeli fortress. In the morning you will transfer to Kaseri Airport to make your way to the distinctive landscape of Cappadocia. Tour through the Goreme Open-Air Museum to see the collection of ancient cave-churches before visiting the underground city of Kaymakli.

The following day is at your leisure to enjoy the surrounding scenery. Visit the Soganli and Ihlara Valleys or venture into the sky on a hot air balloon ride. In the morning you will arrive in the Izmir Airport and have your choice of beachside cities between Izmir and Kusadasi. When you visit Ephesus you will have a full-day tour of the ancient metropolis and its incredible expanse. The following day is at your leisure to enjoy the beaches or visit one of the amazing historic sites near Izmir and Kusadasi. You can make your way to Pergamom, Hierapolis, or Aphrodisias to experience the beauty, serenity, and the magnitude of these lesser-visited ancient cities. You will return to Istanbul and continue onward home.


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