MTB & Beer Easy – A nice easy ride to the best micro brewery in Prague

Tour highlights

About the brewery:

The brewery was probably built around 1710 according to an engraving on one of the basement pillars. Unetice village was a perfect location for beer production: it is surrounded by forests that supply wood, a big pond that supplied water and hills under which the beer was stored and kept chilled. The brewery kept producing its “great” light and dark beer’s, until the 1951 when the factory closed… In May 2011, after 60 years of inactivity, a group of friends, with the support of the community, brought back to life the brewery and the first batch of beer was brewed. The following June they officially opened and started distributing beer.
Their claim is: „Our goal is to continue the historic tradition of Únětický brewery and popular local beer. We want to build a small but powerful regional brewery that will brew an honest and good beer.“

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About the beer:

Uneticky beer is made from pure brewing ingredients, without any substitutes, additives, preservatives or stabilizers. The brewery’s unwritten law fully complies with the “purity of beer”, which is known among the brewers as Reinheitsgebot. They use only raw materials of Czech origin.

Attached to the brewery is their own restaurant where we will taste real and genuine Czech dishes most of them cooked with the local beer.

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