“Blocks and Parks” – The communist side of Prague & a beautiful natural park

Stodulky district:

In the city centre we load our bikes on the underground and after a few stops we are on the top of one of Prague‘s hills. Here lays the Stodulky district with itsmany huge prefab apartment blocks that we will explore, riding along a bike path which zig zags between them. Thousands of families live in these communist Soviet-style architectural monsters called “rabbit hutches“ by the Czech. We even go right through some of these as it is quite common that roads and paths pass under these concrete giants.

Prokopske Valley:

After leaving Stodulky  we follow a  path through the forest that will take us to one of the most beautiful lookout in prague. After that We will reach stunning smooth vertical rock faces  where we will enjoy taking pictures.

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Cycling path along Vltava riverbank: 

After leaving the amazing Prokopske Valley, we will cycle along the Vltava River. We will see how the Czechs make up for the lack of the sea using the river! We will cross the Vltava on a little boat with our bikes.

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