Kenyan Artist Hand-Carves and Paints Wooden Sculptures of Local Nature

Born in beautiful Kenya and now based in picturesque New Zealand, artist Gordon Pembridge has been lucky enough to have a lifelong relationship with nature. As a painter and woodworker, Pembridge often looks to his surroundings for inspiration, which has culminated in an oeuvre that incorporates elements of natural history and portrayals of local wildlife. A prime example of such work is Pembridge’s striking series of hand-painted, carved wooden vessels.

Each work of art is created through a woodturning process—a sculpting technique that employs a lathe to shape the timber. Once Pembridge has achieved his desired shape, he meticulously hand-carves the wood into ornate, fern-like patterns, which he then paints and decorates with foliage, animals, and other natural motifs inspired by his two homes: Kenya and New Zealand. Brightly colored and featuring elegantly intricate incisions, it is hard to believe the sculptures are crafted entirely out of wood.

In addition to woodturning and painting, Pembridge also dabbles in a myriad of other forms of art, including photography, graphic design, illustration, and engraving. Though his mediums may vary, his love of natural history remains a consistent muse throughout his work. You can view a complete collection of his flora-and-fauna-inspired creations on his website.

Scroll down for a wonderful selection of nature-inspired woodwork by Gordon Pembridge.


Gordon Pembridge: Website | Facebook

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