Cycling path along Berounka riverbank:

We will leave Vltava river to join the cycling path along the Berounka river, much smaller and equally charming. The banks of river Berounka are perfect places to host several cottages and green areas where the Czechs from the capital like to take refuge at the weekend. We might as well join them bathing in the clean and refreshing water of the river. Since this is a classic route for locals along the way we’ll find numerous pubs and refreshing areas of all kinds.

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The cycling path along the Berounka river will bring us straight at the doors of the imposing castle of Karlstejn, built by the great monarch Charles IV to protect the crown jewels, the state archives and library from the fury of the Hussites. Here you can visit the castle and cool off in one of the many pubs and restaurants before taking the train that will take us back in half an hour to where we first met – Andel metro station.

Karlstejn castle is open to public:

November, December and February only Saturday and Sunday. January is closed
From March to June and from September to October everyday excpet for Monday
July and August every day.

The interior of the castle is nice but not extraordinary, its beauty is in the external part so we recommend to take the tour even if the castle is closed.

Guided tours of the castle – Private tours have the maximum flexibility but what about group tours?

Normally, 90% of the riders don’t visit the castle because its beauty is in the external part. Anyway, if somebody from the group wants to get the 1 hour guided tour of the castle (the so called “Tour 1”), the other participants must respect it and wait comfortably in one of the many restaurants and cafes.

We recommend you not to book the visit in advance as we don’t know how long it will take to complete the ride as the peace of the tour is tailored to the slowest rider. You can buy ticket directly at the castle even though it might be fully booked during the highest season (June-August).

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