Cycling Adventure in Meghalaya

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Meghalaya, the Abode of Clouds, is famed for its dense jungles, rolling hills, exuberant rivers and cascading waterfalls. Owing to this natural magnificence, hordes of tourists from all parts of the country are drawn to it every year. For adventure seekers, a cycling excursion is a great way to explore this majestic land and feel the thrill at the same time.

The week-long Meghalaya cycling tour unveils different sides of this North-eastern state. Not just natural bounties, this jaunt also lets you experience the warm hospitality of the local people. It is one heritage that the people of Meghalaya have kept intact for a long time, and you have to be here to experience their kind nature.

The cycling adventure in Meghalaya begins from Guwahati, from where you are driven to Shillong. The excitement of riding starts from Air Force Museum, as you paddle your way to Sohra, also known as Cherrapunjee. En route, you pass a bridge and vantage point. From Cherrapunjee, a short bike ride and trek takes you to a lush valley, where you see a living root bridge. The experience of walking on a living root bridge is the highlight of this itinerary.

The journey ahead takes you to Asia’s cleanest village, Mawlynnong. The sight of the sun setting over the rich plains will remain etched in your memory forever. The ride from Mawlynnong to Shnongpdeng is everything from scenic to strenuous; offerings vistas of Bangladesh plains and requiring a lot of stamina. You even enjoy a ferry ride here to reach your campsite.

The final section of the excursion involves a ride back to Shillong. The optional visit to Police Bazar lets you buy handmade souvenirs. The trip concludes as you are transferred to Guwahati to board your onward flight.


Day 01: Arrival in Guwahati | Guwahati to Shillong (110 km | 4 hours)

Upon arrival at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, drive straight to Shillong – the state capital. On reaching the hill station, transfer to the hotel and enjoy a refreshing sleep.

Day 02: Shillong to Air Force Museum (12 km) | Air Force Museum to Sohra (42 km | 3 hours)

To avoid steep slopes around Shillong, drive to Air Force Museum and begin the Meghalaya cycling tour from here. The undulating track will take you past terraced hills, and soon you cross Umtyngar. Continuing on the track, reach Duwan Singh Syiem Bridge and Duwan Singh Syiem Viewpoint. Halt here for enjoying snacks while admiring the breathtaking surroundings. The ride ahead, offering views of the distant mountains, leads you to a plateau, and then finally to Sohra, also called Cherrapunjee. After reaching here, proceed to the hotel and check-in to rest.

Day 03: Sohra – Tyrna – Nongriat –Sohra (4-5 hours)

Leaving Cherrapunjee behind, begin the ride downhill to reach the small village of Tyrna. Here, give rest to your bicycles and use your feet to descend into the valley. The trail goes on verdant slopes, and past numerous natural ponds, where you can stop to take a refreshing dip. Post passing a couple of metal hanging bridges, you soon see a living root bridge.

Found only in this part of the world, the intriguing bridges are made of rubber trees’ roots. The local people have been using these formations to cross gushing streams of water for centuries. After admiring these bridges and walking on them, return to the hotel in Sohra and rest.

Day 04: Sohra – Umtyngar – Mawlynnong (80 km | 4 hours)

Ride your way back to Umtyngar, and then proceed to Mawlynnong village, famed as the cleanest village in Asia. The track, fringed by rolling hills on both sides, will make you forget all the exhaustion you might be feeling. In the evening, stroll in the streets of the beautiful village and soak in its tranquillity.

Later, climb a machan to see the magnificent sunset. The underlying lush plains of Bangladesh will further enhance the views. After clicking pictures of the setting sun, move to the cottage and sleep for the night.

Day 05: Mawlynnong – Riwai – Dawki – Shnongpdeng (70 km | 5.5 hours)

In the morning, cycle to the neighbouring village of Riwai to see a living root bridge. From here, continue towards the quaint Dawki town. After you cross the Dawki River, you will be able to see the rich plains of Bangladesh.

The last section of the track is quite challenging and demands full strength. To reach your campsite, you will also have to use a ferry to cross the Umngot River. On reaching Shnongpdeng, move to your camp on the banks of the river beside a campfire, where the gushing sounds act as a lullaby.

Day 06: Shnongpdeng to Shillong (90 km | 6-7 hours)

Start early in the morning, enjoy views of the rolling hills of Meghalaya while cycling back to Shillong. If time permits, you can visit the famous Police Bazar in the evening to buy exquisite souvenirs of this amazing tour. Thereafter, move to the hotel and rest.

Day 07: Shillong to Guwahati | Departure from Guwahati (115 km | 4 hours)

The cycling adventure in Meghalaya tour ends as soon as you reach Guwahati to board your flight from Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport.

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