Sandhan Valley Trek and Camping

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Living in the cities, how often do you get the time to bring out the thrill seeker inside you? If you have had enough of the monotonous city life and are looking for a short trip to quench the thirst for adrenaline, then a trek is a great option for you. For a challenging trek, you don’t necessarily have to travel to the Himalayas since the Western Ghats have aplenty to offer. If you live in the state of Maharashtra or close to it, then the Sandhan Valley Trek from Mumbai is a great choice.

Lying near the Kasara town of Maharashtra, the Sandhan Valley is a gem of a destination. Since the rays of the sun do not even reach the base of the valley, it has earned the name, the Valley of Shadows. It is also an apt choice for those, who want to indulge in the thrill of trekking in some lesser-known place, away from the crowd. Not just trekking, but the excursion also involves camping and rappelling.

The Sandhan Valley Trek begins from Mumbai and takes you to the small town of Kasara. After introduction and briefing there, you move to the base village from where the real trekking adventure begins. Following a short halt at the village, you embark on an exciting journey through the rugged terrain of the region. The hike will put your trekking skills to a test, and you need to be careful at every step. If you are a novice, this is going to be a challenging trip for you.

One of the sections of the trek to Sandhan Valley also requires you to rappel down tens of feet. Using only rope, you will have to use your skill and strength to reach the base of the valley. You will also have to jump from boulder to boulder and navigate on a rocky terrain to reach your destination. The overnight stay under the canopy of stars will also become a memorable experience for you.

The adventure ends as you travel to Asangaon Railway Station to catch your train back to Mumbai. Needless to say, the journey is full of photography opportunities. The fascinating landscape of the region will leave you awe-struck. If you can take 3 days from your life for this exciting trip, you can make some unforgettable memories.


Day 00: Mumbai to Kasara

In the evening, board your train from Mumbai and transfer to the Kasara town.

Day 01: Arrival in Kasara | Trek

Meet the rest of the team at Kasara Railway Station at around 1:30 am, when introduction and briefing will take place. Shortly after that, the journey to the base village begins, which will take you around 2 hours.

After reaching the village, relax for some time to gain energy for the Sandhan Valley Trek ahead. Following a hearty meal, the trek to Sandhan Valley begins, which introduces you to the rugged terrain of the region. Do carry good trekking shoes with ankle support since you will have to walk on rocks and boulders. Enjoy lunch on the way or after reaching the valley.

The Sandhan Valley, often referred to as the Valley of Shadows, is a marvel of nature. The magnificent sights it offers make the strenuous journey to the valley worth it.

The hike, which has an easy start, becomes more and more difficult as you get closer to the valley. The rocks keep getting bigger, and jumping from one boulder to another becomes more challenging on the way.

Before reaching the valley, you will also find a section where you will have to rappel down. Using only ropes, you will descend tens of feet. In the evening, arrive at the campsite and relax. Following dinner, you can enjoy a refreshing sleep in your sleeping bags under the star-lit sky.

Day 02: Trek | Asangaon Railway Station to Mumbai

The day begins with a filling breakfast, and then you transfer to the Dehne village. Post lunch, leave from the village and travel to Asangaon Railway Station to board your train back to Mumbai. The unforgettable Sandhan Valley Trek from Mumbai concludes as you reach the Maharashtrian capital; you are free to disperse from here.

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