Oyster Island Camping Tour

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Though the northern and north-eastern parts of India are mostly associated with camping and trekking, the southern region of the country is also apt for such activities. South Indian states have numerous destinations, where thrill seekers can enjoy hiking and camping, and also admire fascinating beaches. The city of Karwar in the state of Karnataka is one such destination. There are numerous small islands near the city that are a hub for terrestrial and water-based sports, and Oyster Island is one of those.

Oyster Island, famed for offering snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities, is a gem in the Indian Ocean. Whether you want to spend some peaceful moments amidst nature, or adventurous time with friends, it is an apt destination. On the 4-day Oyster Island camping tour, you will have ample chances to explore the bounties of nature and spend quality time with your loved ones.

The Oyster Island camping trip begins in Mumbai, from where you board your train to the city of Karwar. As you reach Karwar after an overnight journey, you are transferred to the scenic island of Karwar by boat. The island’s beauty and the vivid marine life found in its waters will cast a spell on you. On the very day of your arrival on the island, the exploration begins, and the day ends with friends around a campfire.

With the third day of the camping trip to Oyster Island comes more fun as you go for a trekking excursion in the morning. This trip will also take you to the famous lighthouse, which was constructed in the 1860s by the British. Enjoy your time exploring the island, and then embark on the boat journey back to Karwar. This enthralling tour ends as you reach Mumbai again after an overnight train journey.


Day 01: Mumbai to Karwar

In the evening, reach Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station and board your train to Karwar.

Day 02: Arrival in Karwar | Karwar to Oyster Island | Island Tour

Upon your arrival in Karwar, freshen up and relax for some time. The city of Karwar in the state of Karnataka is known for its beaches. The numerous scenic islands also play a major role in drawing people.

Later, move to the beach using public transport. After reaching the seafront, board the boat and ride to Oyster Island.

One of the many scenic islands near Karwar, Oyster Island is a major hub for many water-based adventure activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. Apart from these, hiking and camping are also quite popular here.

After reaching the island, enjoy a delicious lunch before you start exploring the area. Your trip will allow you to admire the beauty of the island and the vastness of the Indian Ocean. The fascinating marine life which thrives in the region will also leave you awe struck. You will have plenty of time to take photographs and immortalise the pleasing beauty of the island. Hot beverages served will keep you energised on the Oyster Island camping trip.

In the evening, sit around a bonfire, sharing your adventure stories with your loved ones. Post dinner, enjoy a good night’s sleep under the canopy of stars.

Day 03: Sightseeing on Oyster Island | Oyster Island to Karwar | Karwar to Mumbai

Start the day with a palatable meal, and then continue the Oyster Island camping adventure; embark on a trekking tour of the island. The lighthouse situated on Oyster Rock is one of the biggest tourist hotspots in the area, and you will have loads of time to spend here. It was built by the British during the early 1860s and became functional in 1864. Painted in red and white, it has a dome on top, and a lantern room, which is clearly visible from the ground.

Spend some time exploring the area, and post lunch, board the boat to travel back to Karwar. Later, transfer to the railway station to catch your train back to Mumbai.

Day 04: Arrival in Mumbai | Tour Ends

The amazing camping trip to Oyster Island ends with your arrival in Mumbai. From here, you are free to disperse for your onward journey.



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